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Burton takes his official, talks to his new coach

Over the last two years, while his brother was being recruited and then eventually suiting up for the Gators, Venice (Fla.) defensive end Clay Burton has been to the University of Florida on numerous occasions. However he arrived to an entirely different feel while taking his official visit this past weekend.
"It was real different," explained Burton. "It was just after the news that coach [Urban Meyer] had resigned and it was like, 'Who is going to lead?' since no one had the job yet. It was kind of awkward and uncomfortable until they announced who the new head coach was going to be on Saturday night."
When asked why he decided to go through with his official visit before a replacement had been named, Burton replied, "I didn't care really. I wanted to hang out with my brother and I'm committed. It didn't matter who the coach was going to be, it's still Florida."
As to what he did while in Gainesville, "I hung out with my brother (Trey Burton), which is always fun. He was my official host. I hung around Jabari Gorman and Jeff Driskel and then A.C. Leonard joined us on Saturday."
Burton was around many of those same young men when they all found out that Will Muschamp was to be the new coach at UF.
"When they announced the coach on Saturday night, I was with Trey, Driskel and A.C. we were kind of confused because we weren't sure if he was an offensive guy or a defensive guy. I didn't know anything about him at first, but I know my Facebook page blew up.
"I'm real happy. He's an awesome college football coach and when I talked to him on Saturday night he seemed real energetic and appreciative of the job."
The fact that Muschamp is a younger coach isn't lost on prospects.
"He has an SEC bloodline and I believe he might understand more than an older coach, and be more intuitive of what some of the players are dealing with because he went through not that long ago as opposed to some of the coaches who haven't played for 40 years."
Burton then went a little more in-depth as to what Muschamp had to say to him.
"He said he wants to run a 3-4 and 4-3 defense, with man pressure. He wanted to know how much I weighed and said he can't wait to get to Gainesville. I'll probably be going up next weekend to meet him."
Though he remains solidly committed to the Gators, Burton added yet another feather in his cap on Monday when the Southern Cal Trojans extended an offer.