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Class of 2010 Signee Breakdown II

Though the Letters of Intent have been signed and faxed in, GatorBait.net isn't quite ready to move on from the class of 2010 just yet. Today, in order give a more complete look at the Florida signees, in this Ultimate Ticket Update former NFL front office scout Edwin Weathersby shares his expert opinion on Florida's signing class.
First, the observations he is offering are based solely on the highlight film that is available in each prospect's database page. He has not seen the prospects in person at all.
Weathersby on how he made the evaluations:
All evaluations of the 2010 Florida Gator class was based off each player 's highlight film. Scouts usually need at least 3 full game tapes of a player to get a full evaluation of his skill set, strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies. More so, scouts prefer the tapes not to be from consecutive games. Highlight tapes only show off a few physical traits and scout's can only pick up very little off of them.
Chaz Green
Raw guy, but flashes elite athleticism for an offensive lineman. Good length in his arms and frame can easily add another 20 pounds. Could be a great fit in a zone blocking scheme and due to athleticism can be used to pull and trap. Has AA & quicks to reach and seal perimeter, and also get up on linebackers on second level. Flashes ability to slide, mirror and adjust in pass pro. Inconsistent firing off ball. Overruns targets and limited adjust-on-move ability on second level. Limited point of attack explosion and lacks leg strength/drive to finish blocks. Question anchor vs. power rushers.
Jordan Haden
Played some linebacker but will stick to defensive back in college. Physical safety who may be able to play both spots in a pinch. Good read and react vs. run and willing to come up and fill alleys. Takes solid angles in pursuit. Good burst to close and finish on ball carriers and vs. pass. Flashes solid ball skills. Limited fluidity in backpedal and comes up high at times. Shoulder-shot type tackler who'll need refine wrap in college.
Darrin Kitchens
Among the elite athletically. Played defensive end, defensive tackle, and returned kicks in high school. Can run like a deer. Quick first in pass rush to jump snaps and jump on top of offensive lineman. Revved up motor and plays with a relentless effort. Good ball locate, with very good straight line speed, backside and has a burst to close and finish. Just needs to find a home position and stay there. On the raw side with technique, use of hands, and shedding blocks.
Tyler Murphy
Athletic, dual threat type QB with good size. Ran a spread option offense in high school. Good run instincts and vision. Medium strider who shows a burst to and through holes and seams.
Leon Orr
Played tight end, full back, and tackle on both sides of ball in high school. Very athletic for size. Flashes good hands and ball skills as a tight end. straight line, build up speed type of athlete. Strong upper body to toss and shed blockers as a defensive tackle. Question initial pad level vs. run and pass. Question use of hands and pass rush technique.
Solomon Patton
Instinctive space player. Faster than quick type athlete with good natural receiving skills. Flashes field awareness and ball concentration. Better at top pf his routes than the stems. Best attribute is his RAC ability, very creative with ball. Fluid open field stride and has running back vision/instincts in the open field. Undersized and light to block. Not explosive or sudden in his release off line of scrimmage. Rounds off routes occasionally.
Ronald Powell
Really like him at tight end, though will start out as a defensive end. Tall and long with great play speed, AA, and range. Above average initial quicks off ball with speed to bend and come hard off edge Flashes a pass rush plan and some hand usage. Very good occasional stunt/inside move, solid rip move. Very good read and react vs. run. Quick hands to stab/grab offensive lineman at point of attack, locate, ball carriers and chase/pursue. Good route runner at tight end, speed, ball skills, AA to adjust, and hands. Needs to develop more variety in pass rush plan, rip is main go-to move. Question quick shed and escape ability vs mass/power collegiate offensive linemen.
Cody Riggs
Quick reactor to receivers. Has hips to skate and mirror, and can turn and run well. Solid COD in transition coming out of backpedal and good plant, drive, and finish on ball. Solid squeeze on receivers on deep routes and good effort to make a play on ball. Undersized, lacks point of attack strength and shock to press and jam. Guesses when he's trailing receivers one on one. Question vision and awareness in zone coverage.
Joshua Shaw
Great athlete with a very impressive frame. Very physical in coverage and bumps receivers in and out of areas. Very long arms to jam and willing to press in man coverage. Can turn and run well. May be a free safety more so than a corner. Raw technique and question natural mirror ability and coverage skills. Bails too early and needs coaching on backpedal, footwork and transition out of backpedal.
Ian Silberman
Nasty. Plays with a great mean streak and looks to finish every block. Solid initial quicks off ball with AA to pull, trap, and down block. Easy second level ability and solid sustain on targets. Physical at the point of attack and has leg drive to move targets off spots. Has frame to add more wight and athletic enough to play all 5 line spots if needed. High on contact at times. Did not see any pass pro production on tape.
Michael Taylor
Athletic, speedy "Will" type linebacker. Sideline to sideline speed and range to pursue outside runs. Very good read/react and production vs. run. Attacks the line of scrimmage and willing to fill holes. Good vision and ball locate skills. Hops & wastes steps when attacking vs. run. Question shed & escape ability vs. offensive linemen, may need to be covered up in college.
Lynden Trail
Lanky weakside end with a frame to add a surplus of bulk. Great AA, range, and play speed to chase. Solid read and react vs. run and at best during pursuit. Solid feel for screens and flashes a swim move to defeat blockers. Has length to his arms to keep tackles away from body during pass rush. Short steps and lacks a plan and variety in pass rush. Limited strength and shock value at point of attack and question use of hands to shed blocks. Light in pants and question leg strength to anchor vs. power.
Travon Van
Only saw him at running back on highlights. Good athlete with play speed & change of direction to factor as a running back or defensive back. Good quick cut and stop/start ability. Solid burst and explosion.
Jaylen Watkins
Good size and frame. Above average athlete with good foot quicks in backpedal. Solid mirror ability and patient to bail in off coverage. Solid effort to break and make a play on ball. Late read/react vs. run and doesn't consistently attack to fill alleys in run support.
Edwin Weathersby has worked in scouting/player personnel departments for three professional football teams, including the New York Giants, Cleveland Browns, and the Las Vegas Gladiators of the Arena League. He spent a year evaluating prep prospects & writing specific scouting content articles for Student Sports Football (now ESPN Rise). He's also contributed to WeAreSC.com, and Diamonds in the Rough Inc., a College Football and NFL Draft magazine.