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Freshmen Report: Predicting who plays

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It's always hard to predict whether a true freshman will redshirt the first year on campus or see significant time due to a lack of depth at the position, injuries or because the frosh is just that good. But based on the information provided by the coaching staff over the course of camp and a look at the depth chart, it's safe to say Florida will make use of many of its first-year players in 2011.
On defense, the Gators could start two true freshmen in the secondary to go with an already young and talented unit.
There are several factors, such as readiness, injuries, depth chart and talent, when it comes time to decide who plays and who doesn't. It can be determined as much by depth at the position as the freshman's preparation level.. With that in mind InsideTheGators.com predicts which freshmen will suit up for the Gators this season.
Remember, once a true freshman steps foot on the field for a single play, he is no longer eligible to be redshirted. However, if he doesn't play past the fourth game of the season, UF can ask for a
medical hardship waiver, basically redshirting the player. Therefore, just because you see a freshman take part in one of the two 'cakewalks' to start the season, that doesn't necessarily mean that
they will avoid a redshirt season.
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