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Friday Night Lights quick QAs

There was an incredible amount of talent on display in the Swamp on Friday night as the Florida coaching staff played host to some of the top players in the nation. After the event InsidetheGators.net was able to catch up with many of the attendees for quick Q&A sessions. Here are Trey Burton, Gideon Ajagbe, Stephen Morris and Nick Waisome.
Venice (Fla.) dual-threat quarterback Trey Burton
On the verbal commitment of Mack Brown:
"Mack Brown's one of a kind. There's not too many people out there in the world like him. Dunkley is quick as a cat, man. I talk to both of them a lot. I'm really good friends with Mack. I met Mack at this camp last year, and Coach Meyer told me that's the guy he wants. Coach Meyer told me he wanted Dunkley, too."
"(Brown) can do everything. He can line up in the eye. All-around running back. We're going to have an awesome option game when he gets up here."
On him being the recruiter for other guys:
"It comes with the quarterback position. When Tebow was a senior in high school, that's what he did. He went and got Percy (Harvin), so it comes with the position. Whether you like it or not, you've still got to do it. Doing this will definitely help us win, and I'm the worst loser - ever."
On the overall experience at Friday Night Lights:
"The coaches. The coaches by far. The coaches really, really care about the players. Every coach says they care about the players, but at Tennessee you have 11 kids leave in a week or something like that, obviously the coaches don't care too much about the players. The coaches, the fans, the atmosphere, the stadium, the highlight tapes. Watching the highlight tapes, I'm ready to play right now."
On Urban to Notre Dame rumors:
"I knew he wasn't going anywhere. As soon as that came out, I got an e-mail saying he wasn't going anywhere. I wasn't worried about that."
Coconut Grove (Fla.) Ransom Everglades outside linebacker Gideon Ajagbe
On hanging out with the other verbal commitments to Florida:
"It gives us more of a bond. Right now, we're trying to get other commits. We're trying to get Jeff Luc and get all those guys in. Show them that we can be a family. We can do what Tebow did. Be that next class to be great."
On the competition of the night:
"Obviously, it's Florida, national champs. It's a different level. You go to Florida State and there's only 80 kids. You come out here and there's 400 kids trying to compete for a scholarship. The coaches are unbelievable. They're all unique in their own way and bring a different style. That's why they win national championships."
Who stood tonight?
"Jeff Luc. Makes me feel like I've got to work a little bit harder. If he's that big and moving like that? Man, I've got loads to learn."
Miami Shores (Fla) Monsignor Pace dual-threat quarterback Stephen Morris
What was tonight like for you?
"It was a fun experience. Great time out here in The Swamp. A lot of athletic players. It was just an amazing experience.
What makes Friday Night Lights different from other places?
"I think everybody wants Florida so everybody's going to go out and do their best to get Florida. It was just unbelievable. Everybody was showing off their best talent. It was a fun experience from the beginning to the end."
What other schools are you considering?
"Miami, Virginia, Duke and UCF. I'm going on an unofficial visit on Wednesday to Virginia and then Friday to UCF. This was my last camp, thank God. I'm pretty tired from this summer, man. Wore me out."
Is there a timetable for when you want to commit?
"I'm not going to think about a deadline. As soon as I know what this school's going to do and what UCF (will do), I'll try to make a decision as soon as possible."
2011 Groveland (Fla.) South Lake cornerback Nick Waisome
On having former high school teammates Jeffrey Demps and Jonotthan Harrison already playing at Florida.
"Having them here, that's a good thing. But I've got to find the place for me. Florida's a good place. I could see myself fitting here. I talked to Jeff, but he said he was about to go out (so we didn't talk long)."
What was Friday Night Lights like?
"It was crazy, man. The competition out here is insane. All the best wide receivers, everyone's here. I just put my skills to the test. Guys coming out of California. Five stars. It's crazy. It just gives you a feel of all the talent at other places. It makes me see I've got to work at it to get to that level."