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Getting to know Hunter Joyer

Though he isn't the most highly rated, because of the dearth of players at his position, Tampa (Fla.) Catholic fullback Hunter Joyer might just be the signee from the Class of 2011 who is being most counted on to make a difference in 2011. Today it's time to find out a little more about Joyer in this edition of Getting to Know.
1) Which artist do you have to have on your iPod?
Joyer: Hip hop and a few country songs.
2) What is your favorite TV show(s)?
Joyer: Jersey shore, 1,000 ways to die and Sportscenter.
3) What is your favorite movie(s)?
Joyer: Four Brothers and Get Rich or Die Trying.
4) Do you have a favorite meal?
Joyer: Ribs with a baked potato.
5) If you had your choice of anyone on the planet, who would you go out with for one dream date?
Joyer: I know she's getting a little old for me but Halle Berry.
6) Do you have any superstitions or rituals in your personal life, before a game, during a game, etc...?
Joyer: Cleaning my room, shaving, wearing labeled socks on the right feet and praying every night & before every game.
7) What is your worst habit?
Joyer: Procrastinating.
8) If you could, who would want to trade places with for one day?
Joyer: Lebron James. He's the king and I always dreamed of playing basketball in the NBA.
9) If you were to eventually become a first round NFL draft choice, what is the first thing you would buy?
Joyer: A house.
10) Name one thing you can't live without?
Joyer: My family. Because they're the most important people in my life and I couldn't imagine life without them! They mean everything to me and if I ever have problems they're the first people I go to!
11) Which non-football player is your favorite athlete to watch?
Joyer: Dwight Howard. He has a physical presence like no other in any sport. He's so powerful and explosive! He's entertaining and I love the drive and emotion he shows while playing, plus he dominates the paint exceptionally well!
12) What is on your Bucket List? Name three things you want to do before dying.
Joyer: Play in the NFL, get married start a family, and travel around the world.