Getting to know Michael Taylor

Before the Under Armour Game in January, not many in the Gator Nation had heard of or even cared about Atlanta (Ga.) Westlake linebacker, and Tennessee commit, Michael Taylor.

However, after a MVP winning performance and official visit to Gainesville, Florida fans were very much paying attention.

Though he committed to the Gators on the visit, he didn't make the announcement public until a couple of weeks later.

Today it's time to get to find out a little more about Taylor in this edition of Getting to know.

1) What is currently on your iPod?

Taylor: My iPod holds various types of music and I don't discriminate with artists. I was just listening to an Eminem and Lil Wayne collaboration. Linkin Park and Tupac are two of my most listened to artists. My most watched video is my Katt Williams' videos. I love American Hustle!

2) What TV show(s) do you have to watch?

Taylor: I'm a sports kind of guy, so I love Sports Center.

3) What is your favorite movie(s)?

Taylor: I don't want to sound all sentimental, but A Walk to Remember really got to me.

4) What is your favorite meal?

Taylor: I like all kinds of food. That's how I've gained these ten pounds this off season - along with working out. But if I had to choose, I'd say lobster.

5) If you had your choice of anyone on the planet, who would you go out with for one dream date?

Taylor: Christina Milian's fine self.

6) Do you have any superstitions or rituals in your personal life, before a game, during a game, etc...?

Taylor: I sing songs that pertain to linebackers. I'll take a song and put LB's in it. Offensive guys hate it. Before games I listen to Eminem's Lose Yourself - it reminds me what I'm taking the field to do. I watch Friday Night Lights as well and go to the speech Coach Gaines gives at halftime of the state championship game.

7) What is your worst habit?

Taylor: My worst habit I'd have to say is not trusting people.

8) If you could, who would want to trade places with for one day?

Taylor: If I could trade places with anybody? Hmm… I've never really wanted to be anybody other than myself, but I'd have to say Lebron James. He just dominates his sport and has a perfect sense of humor. He makes what he does look easy. He went straight out of high school to the league and showed up grown men. Who wouldn't want that?

9) If you were to eventually become a first round NFL draft choice, what is the first thing you would buy?

Taylor: When I become a first round draft pick, I plan to buy my mom her first house. She has never owned a house before, so when I make it I am going to take care of her.

10) Name one thing you can't live without?

Taylor: I can't live without my Playstation. I love to get down on the PS3.

11) Who is your favorite athlete to watch in any sport?

Taylor: My favorite athlete to watch is Ray Lewis. If you play football and watch him, and you're not inspired and ready to strap it up - then you don't have a pulse. Especially if you know his story - then you are really motivated.

12) What is on your Bucket List? Name three things you want to do before dying.

Taylor: 1. Help people in need when it doesn't benefit me. I'm just going to help others that aren't as fortunate as I'll be. I've always wanted to help others that struggle everyday and deal with madness. I've just never been that much better off than they were, but when I am I will be sure to help others.

Do something for the youth back home in California so that they'll stop killing each other and destroying young lives that have promise. Something should be done to help my friends and people back home where innocent lives are being taken.

Mainly change somebody's life for their benefit. Be the strong influential influence in their life that gives them hope and makes them strive for the absolute best.

2. Lead my team to a championship and be one of the main reason's for success in the game.

3. Be good at something other than my sport (football).