Guess whos headed to Gainesville

The what seemingly was a never ending saga for Reggie Nelson has finally come to it's conclusion as he received the good news today that he's been waiting on for almost two years, he is finally a Florida Gator. Nelson received the news this afternoon and spoke directly with the coaching staff right afterward and then called with the big news.
Nelson was a math credit shy of gaining his Associates degree, which is required in order for him to enter the University of Florida. He was attempting to gain the credit via a correspondence course.
He had been waiting on the results of a math exam that he was taking for the second time. Although he passed it, his first attempt was flagged when he failed to show his work. He had been waiting for over two weeks for his second attempt to be graded.
As we reported on Tuesday (Is Nelson in?), the results could come back as soon as today. Well he received the good news earlier this afternoon.
"I called the woman in Texas," Nelson told "She didn't give me the exact score, she told me I passed and that's all I needed to hear."
Those words set off a celebration of sorts in the Nelson household.
"My mom was out on the front porch asking me, 'Did you pass? Did you pass?' we were all hollering. Happy about it. It was like man, it's all over with. God it's been hard, but now I made it."
Nelson has already spoken with the staff and is ready to begin the next chapter in his life.
"I pretty much talked to all of them. They were all congratulating me and saying welcome to the team. I'm going as soon as possible. I filled out my financial aid papers before. I'm trying to leave before the weekend."
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