Hunter playing an expanded role

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Because of a pre-existing back issue, when he arrived on campus two years ago, defensive tackle Omar Hunter was unable to immediately live up to his five-star billing. However, this year the red shirt sophomore is beginning to come into his own. He is not only starting on the defensive line, but he's playing a vital role on special teams as well. On Wednesday he met with the media to give his take on several subjects.
On Florida's five defensive linemen set:
"We just want to get a bigger front seven in to stop the run because in the SEC everyone can run the ball. "
On his special teams contributions:
"I'm leading our kickoff returner. I hit the first man I see that's it. I pick a spot we're trying to open up."
On if he thinks the special teams will return a kick for a touchdown in the near future:
"Oh yeah, definitely. We just keep working on it to get better every snap."
On Urban Meyer's comment that Omarius Hines should have followed Hunter's block on the fake punt:
"I told Omarius (Hines) that he would have scored if he had followed me."
On stopping Kentucky quarterback Randall Cobb from making big plays:
"He's a triple threat - he can run the ball, pass the ball, catch the ball - he does everything for that offense. It's going to be a hard task, but I think we'll be able to do it."
On the benefits of having already played one mobile quarterback this season, B.J. Daniels (USF):
"You definitely get a good feel for the wildcat package when you play someone like Daniels because he is so mobile. It definitely helps us out a lot."
On the objective of the five-man defensive front:
"Our main job really is to take on the blocks and let linebackers make plays, but if we open them to make plays, we're definitely going to make plays. "
On preparing for Kentucky:
"We treat every SEC team the same. Everyone is talented, everyone has the same, great players. We treat everyone the same."