Jeremy Foley QA on status of Florida-Idaho

Florida athletics director Jeremy Foley met with the media on Monday to discuss the status of Florida's game against Idaho.
Foley statement: "Just wanted to talk about a few issues so coach Muschamp would not get all these questions. Obviously there's a lot of questions out there as it relates to Saturday night's game, what's going on moving forward. We don't have those answers yet. So when we told you yesterday it would take a couple days to put that all together, that was the truth. A lot of people we've got to talk to. Obviously we need to reach out to the University of Idaho. My staff and I met this morning and talked about possible scenarios. Again, when we have the answers we'll give them to you. There's just a lot of different moving parts there. Like I said, I didn't want Will to have to address all those issues. We're not trying to be secretive, there's just a lot of different things we have to consider. And we are working through those things as we speak. Obviously it's Labor Day, so again trying to get all parties together will take a couple days. We'll know something here tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest. I know our fans have a lot of questions, and we'll get answers to you as soon as we can, OK?"
Q: Suspended players?
A: "Those are team suspensions, so coach Muschamp will address that."
Q: Safe to say determined to play the game on one of the open dates?
A: "Those are the things that are being discussed. There's a lot of things that go into football scheduling and what's in the best interest of your football team and your fans and the entire program. That's how I work things around here, I like to get a lot of input from a lot of different people and then make a decision. That's what we're in the process of doing right now."
Q: What are the downsides to cancelling the game?
A: "You're asking me to speculate on some decision that hasn't been made yet. You and I have discussed that, we're not going to speculate on speculation. When we have those answers, we'll discuss it. Where we end up, I'm sure there will be a million questions about where we end up. So just let us end up where we end up and then we'll go from there, OK?"
Q: Why did the terminology change from terminated?
A: "That was the league. There's something in the rulebook. To be honest with you, Saturday night those things, we didn't really understand all that ourselves. We're dealing with something that's never happened before. You've got a lot of people involved in the conversation, trying to talk with people back in Birmingham. The league wanted to make sure that you all had the correct terminology. It's not that we're trying to (Inaudible) a certain way or trying to give any sort of hidden meaning. That's the rule. We wanted to make sure that whatever went out in the released was the rule."
Q: What would reimbursement cost UF?
A: "We're trying to figure out all those things right now. Again, when we come forward with whatever decision we come forward with, we're going to have answers to everything financially, dates, tickets, reasons, all that sort of things. We're just not there yet."
Q: Is game cancellation in the contract?
A: "I haven't even looked at that in the contract this morning. We're just trying to figure out some other things. Again, we'll answer those questions when we get to them."
Q: Pay Idaho yet?
A: "No, all of our guarantees are due our opponents February 1st of the following season. That's when we'll pay Georgia. That's when we'll pay every team that comes in here. That's standard language in our contract."