GatorsTerritory - Kadarius Toney, "The one that got away"
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Kadarius Toney, "The one that got away"

When the New York Giants handed in their first-round draft card and Kadarius Toney's name was read it changed the life of the. Mobile, Alabama native, and Florida Gator forever.

Some draft pundits were surprised. Some believed the Giants had reached. One NFL head coach, however, didn't see it as a reach, he was planning on handing in a card with the same name just five picks later.

Urban Meyer and the Jacksonville Jaguars had their eye on the receiver and Meyer was ready to make Toney his second draft pick. When speaking with the media shortly after the first round last Thursday Meyer let slip that there was a player selected shortly before their 25th overall pick that "broke our heart."

"Toney," Meyer said when asked about a comment. "I’ve got to know him over the last couple weeks and obviously with my connection with Coach Mullen and those guys. I just think, if you watch him play, he’s a human highlight reel."

The Jaguars selected Clemson running back Travis Etienne with the pick, a playmaker in his own right, but even days later Meyer was still talking about Toney.

Meyer also dropped his now-famous "Percy Harvin" comparison when talking about Etienne after the selection on Thursday, but one can only imagine what Toney would have looked like in Jacksonville with Meyer and that system.

Toney caught 120 passes for 1,590 yards and 12 TDs and ran for 580 yards and two TDs in four seasons at Florida. His senior season was by far his biggest opportunity and his most productive season with 70 receptions for 984 yards, and 10 touchdowns as a receiver.

Former NFL receiver and NFL Network host Nate Burrelson also loved the pick for the Giants. Burrelson had been very high on Toney before the NFL Draft began and continued that crusade on Monday.

Burelson, who played 11 seasons in the NFL, called Toney "the biggest steal of the first round."

“New York landed a major steal at pick No. 20,” Burleson said on Good Morning Football. “You can literally use [Toney] everywhere — outside, inside, backfield and you can use him on special teams...You guys got a playmaker that fits your system.”