LB Smith visiting again

In the era of long drawn out recruiting sagas and the seemingly never ending recruiting process, Rome (Ga.) linebacker Toryan Smith has taken a different approach.
He has used the spring and summer to hit the road for a scouting report on his possible future destinations and returned home with all five of his official visits already set.
What has he learned on his ten unofficial visits?

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"What sticks out is that I've got to see a lot of good coaches at work and see them doing what they do in their natural setting. Nothing was made up, I got to see them doing their jobs.
"The other thing was the campuses and some of the brand new facilities that are being built at Notre Dame and LSU. They are state-of-the-art. Nebraska has the top weight-room I've seen and Oklahoma has a great campus and workout facilities"
Smith saw enough on those ten unofficial visits to become perhaps the first prospect in the nation to have already set-up all five official visits.
The visits, in order, are: Oklahoma (9/2); Notre Dame (10/14); Michigan (10/18); Nebraska (10/28) and Florida (11/25).
He spoke about the reason behind the decision to set-up his visits this early in the process.
"Well I knew I was going to be going to a lot of games so I wanted to have the benefit of having them locked in and taken care of before I start my senior season. I didn't want to have to decide during the season and have that distract me. These are five schools that I like and I want to visit again."
According to Smith, there is no leader.
"Florida, Oklahoma and Notre Dame are constantly contacting me, writing and messengering me, keeping me updated on what they're thinking. That doesn't mean they lead, I'm not sure really. I don't have a certain date that I want to commit.
"I'm going on my visits with an open mind. My parents want me to go wherever I'm comfortable. I'm still waiting to see where that's going to be. No one has an advantage."
This weekend he returns to Gainesville for the second time.
"I went to a practice during spring training, but we weren't there that long. We're going to go back this weekend to spend a little more time and get to know the coaches a little more."
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