Miller clarifies leader board

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West Palm Beach (Fla.) Dwyer offensive lineman Patrick Miller has had an eventful spring with a handful of schools stopping by his high school to evaluate the newly minted Rivals250 prospect.
Just this week, school such as Auburn, LSU, Florida, Oklahoma, West Virgina, and Florida State made the trip to visit the 2012 prospect.

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"Auburn was there today (Friday) with Coach (Jeff) Grimes, I have a pretty good connection with him just because I talk to him often on the phone, and I've met him a few times," said Miller. "Billy Gonzalez from LSU was here on the first day of spring. Some of the Florida coaches were up there, Coach Aubrey Hill and the offensive line coach, Frank Verducci. A couple of guys from Oklahoma were here too, they were pretty cool. I feel like Oklahoma is looking for a guy like me, but I haven't looked at their depth chart yet. Florida State also visited but I didn't get to see them because I had a doctors meeting."
Recently there had been news that Auburn and LSU were now the front runners for this 6-foot-7, 270 pound prospect, but Miller says that's not the case.
"Well I think I was talking to one of the guys from another website and I just forgot to mention Florida, and next you thing you know it was all over the place. I really still love Florida, but I also still really love Auburn and LSU, it's just weird because I don't want to rule anyone out right now, because my mind is changing everyday."
With Florida, Auburn, and LSU on top for Miller, he's goes into a little more in depth on each school to explain why he likes each school.
Florida: "I like Florida because the fact that both of the coaches came down and they made their presence noticed. They definitely showed interest, so I was impressed with that. I really didn't think they were that into me until they came down and showed interest and that stuff."
Auburn: "I like Auburn because of Coach (Kodi) Burns. I became very familiar with him when I was on campus there, he told me to call whenever so he's probably one of the coaches I talk to on a normal basis. Basically every time I talk to him he tells me the same thing, about where he's going to put me and how I'm going to fit into their scheme."
LSU: "I like LSU just because of the food. I feel like I'm in a atmosphere where they have so much food and culture, I just feel like I could throw on the pounds and be a big 340-pound lineman if I wanted too."
Miller would like to decide who he will be playing for in college before his senior season, but it will all depend on how comfortable he feels about making his decision.
"Everyone has been asking when I want to make my decision but it just keeps changing in my head. With all these decisions I have to make I'm thinking right now it will be before the season, but if I really don't know by then it will be after the season. For me right now, I feel like it would be nice to make a decision before the season so I don't have to worry about it while I'm trying to focus on my team and I have don't have to worry about another team. My number one priority is Dwyer and my number two priority is where I'm going to play next year. I'm also trying to graduate early so I have to make that decision pretty quick. I'm just going to weigh out all my options and take all my visits and I'm going to bring my dad with me, he's a pretty smart business man so I just feel like he would have good input."
Playing early is a big priority for Miller when he is finally going to make his decision, but who he plays with can also factor into his decision.
"Playing early is probably my number one priority when making my decision," explained Miller. "The number two priority would have to be who I'm with. I could care less who the receivers are and who the running backs are, I want to know the lineman. I just want some guys who I can bond with and go fishing, hunting, and hang out on the weekends. Also they need to be people who are good role models, so I can stay out of trouble with and just follow in their footsteps and become a great lineman."