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Muschamp goes through the car wash

Will Muschamp was one of seven Southeastern Conference coaches in Bristol, Conn., Tuesday for an ESPN "Car Wash" in which coaches appear on a number of platforms. ITG has some of the highlights from Muschamp's various stops.
- Tuesday's conversations were largely of the big-picture variety and seldom touched on individual players. However, sixth-year wide receiver Andre Debose did come up multiple times.
Muschamp, who has been allowed to watch specific amounts of workouts each week per new NCAA rules, said Debose has had an outstanding summer and is looking like his old self.
"I will make sure we monitor him in camp, much like we did with the Ronald Powell (ACL) situation," he said. "A lot of what we're doing fits him well. The speed sweeps and the things we're doing across the formations. He's a guy as a defensive coach you've got to account for because he can get on top of you."
- Beaming with confidence that carried over from his appearance at SEC Media Days last week, Muschamp emphatically hyped his team for the 2014 season. When asked who the favorite is in the SEC East, he said Florida.
"I feel very good about our football team going to Atlanta," Muschamp said. "I feel very confident going into this season because of our talent base and where we are in terms of the foundation of our program. It has been set, and this is the most complete team I have had at Florida."
- Before mentioning the Gators' SEC title aspirations, Muschamp did take a little time to poke fun at the new trophy that will be awarded to the winner of the College Football Playoff.
"I kind of enjoyed the crystal ball, to be honest with you," he said live on "Sportscenter". "It'd be nice on some of the cars in the parking lot."
- Unsurprisingly, the topic of the day for Muschamp was Florida's offense and the changes that will be made under new offensive coordinator Kurt Roper. The lines were similar to what Muschamp has said in the past with the primary focus on achieving a balanced attack.
"Our run game is really the same. We've got inside zone, outside zone, down, around, a couple gap schemes, counter and power," Muschamp said. "Our protections are similar, our route schemes are simplified for our players. We're playing right or left because we are playing tempo.
"They're not having to learn different spots and how the ball is coming out of the quarterback's hands from the right or the left side. There's a lot of things we've simplified for our players to let our guys play faster."
- A side-note of discussing up-tempo offenses is always how games involving those offenses are officiated. Muschamp said SEC officials are the best in the country at controlling the pace of games and not letting offenses dictate how a game is run.
He pointed to the frustrations he had coaching defense in the Big 12 as a comparison.
"We played Oklahoma one time in Dallas. Bob Stoops and them had those guys going real fast," Muschamp said. "There was one time four guys were moving when the ball was snap. The line judge was running to me, had his eyes on me when the ball was snapped. It was comical and it's frustrating."