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Nearly 60 prospects predict the outcome of Florida vs. Georgia

One of the more highly-anticipated matchups in college football is finally upon us, as Florida and Georgia are slated to square off this Saturday at 3:30 p.m. on ESPN.

As expected, a countless amount of recruits will be tuned in for the SEC East matchup as well.

GatorsTerritory spoke to over 50 prospects and dishes out their score predictions below.

Singletary: "That’s a tough one. High-scoring game. 34-31 Florida."

Rice: "Florida 34- 27

Arnold: "I don’t even have one. That’s hard."

Simpson: "31-20 Florida."

Sorey: "I'm not sure. I'm interested to see the game. I think it's going to be pretty good."

Green: "35-32 Florida."

Welch: "I’ll say Florida 42, Georgia 21."

Alexander: "35-24 UGA."

Jackson: "I would say 24-21 Florida."

Campbell: "35-28 Florida."

Brown: "38-17 Florida."

Booker: "I have the Gators winning 38-21."

Little: "35-27 Florida."

Nwankpa: "27-24 UGA."

Nolton: "34-24 Florida wins."

Rogers: "42-20 Florida."

Sapp: "28-21 UF."

Davis: "I believe it’ll be a close scoring game and come down to whoever plays better defense and can put pressure on the quarterback. I think it’ll come down to the last possession of the game."

Johnson: "No clue. UF by three. Just a battle."

Alston: 'It's going to be a close one with Georgia's defense and Florida's offense. Georgia doesn't have an offense right now."

Skinner: "My prediction is 32-28 Florida."

Williams: "UF 42-10."

Mbake: "35-21 UGA."

Thomas: "32-27 Florida."

Willis: "Florida wins 21-14."

Donaldson: "28-21 Florida."

Sawchuk: "Florida 35, Georgia 31."

Greene: "Honestly, that will be a good game. An explosive offense against a good, stingy defense."

McMillon: "38-35 UF."

Morris: "Hard to call that game. Both teams are playoff contenders."

Kitna: "42-31 Florida."

Webb: "27-24. I don’t know who wins yet; I just know that will be the score. It will be close."

Watson: "35-28 UF."

Montgomery: "UF wins by 14+."

Boone: "40-0 (UF)."

Del Rio: "I think something like 24-17 UF."

Lathan: "UF 38, UGA 12."

Martinez: "28-21. It can go either way."

Anderson: "28-24 UF."

Horton: "UF by 14, 28-14."

Mangham: "I'm gonna say 21-17 Gators."

Kelly: "UF 42-10."

Borders: "46-38 Florida."

McGaughey: "28-21 Florida."

Shanahan: "I'm definitely gonna take Florida on this one, 27-14."

Kirkland: "UF 24, UGA 21."

Wedin: "Gonna have to say it is going to be close. So many things could be impactful, but I am leaning UF by seven. I think it will be a smash mouth, bring your big boy attitude type of a game."

Pittman: "I got Florida 28-14."

Gardner: "I like Florida of course by more than 10."

Ellis: "28-21 Florida."

Lyons; “28-14.”

Haynes: "I think it’s going to come down to the wire. I think it’s going to come down to the last possession, but I got Georgia 21-17."

Harris: "Gators 42, Georgia 7. They aren't winning by as large margins as they usually do, and they struggled winning 14-3 vs. Kentucky."

Baxter: "28-17 Florida."

Young: "Florida gonna win by 10."

Pickett: "24-17 Gators."