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Nearly 50 recruits predict the matchup between the Gators and 'Canes

The majority of the college football world will be tuned in for Saturday's matchup between Miami and ninth-ranked Florida, with a plethora of recruits expected to keep close tabs as well.

With kickoff just over 30 hours away, GatorsTerritory reached out to some of those can't-miss prospects to get their predictions for tomorrow's square off in Orlando.

** GT's Joseph Hastings also contributed to this article **


Walker: "Florida 28-10."

Harris: "31-21 UF."

Grimes: "28-10 Gators."

Lee: "28-7; UF on top."

Dumervil: “I don’t know [who will win]. It’s gonna be a great game.”

Walker: "(I don't know who will win), but it’s going to be a good game."

Brockermeyer: "38-24 Florida wins."

Smith: "Florida by 14!"

Lewis: “I don’t know a score, but I got Florida winning.”

Collins: "I think I got Florida taking it in a close one."

Burton: "38-14 Florida."

Thomas: "28-24 UF."

Britt: "28-14 Florida."

Shipley: "I think Florida will pull it out and win 27-24."

Jackson: "Miami 24-21. I think it’s going to be a good game. It could go either way."

Morris: "35-24, UF."

Williams: "28-14 Florida."

Simon: "I got Florida 28-14."

Blackwell: "Florida 100%."

Daniel: "Man, tough one. UM's defense is sick. UF's offense has experience and momentum from last year. It’s gonna come down to the defense though, but I’m going with the U, 35-27."

Langston: "27-7."

Sorey: "I don’t know by how much, but I think Florida is going to win.”

Savea: "Gators 31, Hurricanes 27."

Collins: "28-14; Florida wins."

Harvey: "It should be a good game between the two. (I have) Florida."

Wilcox: "30-10 Florida."

Denhoff: "I got Florida in a 24-10 game. Defense steps up big for UF."

Adeleye: "I think Miami pulls an upset and wins 24-21."

Jackson: "21-0 UF."

Suamataia: "I don’t know too much about the teams to (make a prediction), but I’m excited to watch how both OLs work. I'll definitely be watching."

Sutton: "I think Miami will pull it out 28-21."

Brown: "Florida 35, Miami 17."

Collins: "35-14 Florida."

Brown: "UF 31, Miami 28."

Turner: "21-14 UF."

BlackStrain: "I like Florida to win by 14, 31-17."

Webb: "28-24 Florida wins."

Rice: "Gators 38-27."

Florida Commits:

Wingo: "28-14 (UF)."

Dexter: "35-10 (UF)."

Helm: "It will be a good game, but I know the Gators are coming out on top. I'm thinking 35-7 Florida."

Torrence: "37-17 (UF)."

Leonard: "35-14 UF."

Fraziars: "35-13 (Gators)."

Brown: "45-14 (UF)."

Richardson: "28-17 Florida."

Del Rio: "UF is going kill them lol. 28-13."

Janvier: "35-7 (UF)."

Johnson: "31-21 Florida."

Odom: "35-17 (UF)."

Wilcoxson: "41-7 our way."

Ellis: "40-21 (UF)."