Pease presents a laid back approach

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"Laid back" isn't the first description that comes to mind when a Will Muschamp-led coaching staff is discussed.
Headed by a man known for his loud and occasionally abrasive nature, the Florida practice field is typically a chaotic place highlighted by a loud Georgia accent and biting verbal jabs. But the new man on campus is a little different, at least if you ask the Gators' wide receivers.
"He's very laid back," junior Andre Debose said of offensive coordinator Brent Pease. "He's not trying to like go, go, go, go, go. He's trying to work with us a lot."
Though he has joked during his short time at Florida about being a guy who can "blow a gasket" when need be, on Thursday Pease was painted as a very patient man by the players who spend the most amount of time around him. As Florida's third offensive coordinator in as many years, Pease appears to be taking an understanding approach with his new players. Debose fought back saying that Pease is lenient, but did express a sense of care and calmness that may not have been there in the past.
Redshirt senior Frankie Hammond Jr. agreed, adding how impressed he has been with Pease's knowledge of the game and ability to teach on the fly and by example.
"Coach Pease fits [adjustments] probably into tighter windows and things that you might not catch right away," he said. "You have to run the play and see it and be like, 'Oh OK, I know what he's talking about.'"
Hammond and Debose are good measuring sticks for what Pease is like as a coach. As a former receivers coach, he spends more time with the wideouts than any other position on the team.
Debose admitted it is a little strange seeing an offensive coordinator come sit in on position coach meetings, but that is something that Pease is not afraid to do. He remains "very involved" and admits he is obsessed with the fundamental details of a position that troubled the Gators in 2011.
"It's kinda weird having the offensive coordinator actually sit in your meeting room and coaching you up and everything, but it's all good for us," Debose said.
For Hammond, it's refreshing having a coach running the offense who understands his position. Florida's offense hasn't necessarily been considered "receiver friendly" for a few years, and after watching plenty of film from recent Boise State seasons, the wide receivers are looking forward to the opportunity to play for Pease and make Ben Hill Griffin Stadium a fun place to watch a game once again.
"It's pretty good because then he could see things through our eyes," Hammond said. "When we tell him things like, "Oh I saw this," he has a better understanding because he coached the position."