Quotable: Spurrier post game

Here's what South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier had to say after his Gamecocks suffered an embarrassing 44-11 beat down in the Swamp:
On his team's performance:
"The only thing you can hope is that your guys give it their best shot and not just lay the ball down and basically say 'Here Florida, we don't want to win. You guys take this fumble and this fumble and this fumble.' So it was sad, and on the other side, their defense stuffed us. They stopped our running game and passing game. We didn't make much, had a few chances here and there."
"One thing we must do is find the guys that really want to play for South Carolina. If we have to cover on kickoff (using) D.J. Swearinger, (Jadeveon) Clowney,
Chaz Sutton, (we will because) we can't watch the guys that are playing right now. We can't watch these guys that are laying on the ground. It could have been a heck of a game for everybody. It was embarrassing for us, very embarrassing the way we played."
On decision to switch from starting quarterback Connor Shaw to backup Dylan Thompson:
"We will go back and watch the tape. I thought some guys were open that he wasn't hitting and he was still running all over the place. Maybe the protection was bad and maybe he had to, I don't know. When I am watching on the sidelines I am focused downfield to see if he has anywhere to throw it or not. Again, I thought we should give Dylan a chance and he didn't really have much of an opportunity until a couple of drives. He got careless on the last interception."
On tailback Marcus Lattimore only carrying the ball three times:
"Well, we got way behind and were hoping to try to get into the game some. As it turned out it was not a good plan and the score got out of hand because of the fumbles."
On the fumble to start the game:
"That's just one play. Two years ago they ran the kickoff back for a touchdown and we won 36-14. One play does not determine an entire game. The other three, we recovered one of them - inexcusable. On punt return and two kickoff return, that shouldn't happen. The Florida kids, they don't fumble. They cover kickoffs. That is why we don't deserve to top-15. I don't know what we deserve to be right now. Joe Robinson is as good of a special teams coach as I have ever been around and they recover an onside kick and almost return it for a touchdown. We have to re-evaluate a lot of our personnel and get guys out there that really want to play for South Carolina."
On not expecting this two weeks ago out of this team:
"Two weeks ago was two weeks ago. Right now we had a bad one today. LSU was bad, this one was worse. We have to regroup somehow."