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Rivals Recruiting Chat: Florida QA

FLORIDA FOOTBALL RECRUITING: Nation's No. 1 wide out talks Florida offer | UF commits and targets in the Rivals100 | UF commit Neal makes huge jump in Rivals250
The Rivals.com team of analysts held separate chats on Monday and Tuesday to answer questions about the release of the Rivals100 and Rivals250. Below are the Florida Gators related questions and answers:
Question: What differentiates Leon McQuay III and Marcell Harris and what in your eyes pushed LM3 to that five-star status with Harris behind?
Mike Farrell: LM3 is a little bit more athletic and quicker. Harris is very good and not too far off, but he's not as sudden and quick to the ball as LM3.
Woody Wommack: Josh and I saw McQuay at Gridiron Kings and I know I walked away really impressed. Harris is a guy I like as well, but I agree with the others that McQuay is just ahead him at this point.
Kynon Codrington: LM3 is more of a ball hawk. He covers a lot of ground and takes half of the field. Harris is a solid safety and closes well. However, he fights the ball and has trouble coming up with interceptions on a consistent basis.
Question: Do you think Alvin Bailey will still go to Central Florida now that Florida has offered or will he give the Gators a serious look?
Woody Wommack: I think Bailey is UCF's to lose at this point. I know he was excited to hear from Florida, but the uncertainty with the wide receiver coach [Aubrey Hill] and everything can't be helping the Gators at this point.
Question: What do u guys like about running back Kelvin Taylor and what will it take from him to make five-star?
Mike Farrell: Taylor is very thick and powerful, but he's also very quick. Here's what we wrote today. "Taylor is very quick around the corner and he has a low, strong build with huge legs. His burst has improved quite a bit and it's more clear than ever why he's a record-setter in Florida."
Kynon Codrington: Taylor did a great job catching the ball out of the backfield at The Opening. He impressed in that regard. We know all about his stats and production. If he keeps up at this pace he could push for five-star status. Top end speed is a knock on him.
Question: Does Aubrey Hill leaving hurt Florida's chances for Bailey and Laquon Treadwell?
Woody Wommack: I'm not sure it hurts, but it sure doesn't help to have a coaching position like that in flux, especially at this stage in the game. I think if UF wants Bailey they need to make a big push.
Kynon Codrington: Losing a position coach this late in the season always hurts. Hill was a great recruiter. Bailey likes UCF. Treadwell is anyone's guess right now.
Question: What happened to Jordan Sherit and Nick Washington that they moved out of the Rivals100?
Kynon Codrington: Sherit had a good summer. He was dynamic in the SPARQ testing in Oregon at The Opening. We think he is a good pick up for UF. However, he isn't as dominant as some of the defensive linemen in this class. Washington flashed at times during The Opening, but didn't make a ton of plays. He is a quality player, but there were other players who stood out.
Question: Can LSU pull Tahaan Goodman away from USC?
Adam Gorney: I'm not sure USC is the biggest competition for Goodman. I think UCLA, Washington and ASU all have legitimate chances and he wants to visit a Florida school - probably the Gators. LSU is a real consideration and I think he'd fit in well in that secondary.
Question: Now that Jalen Ramsey has moved up 79 spots and got his fifth star do you see him using that lofty ranking and his USC offer to get a lot more attention from other local schools. If so, can you see him decommitting from Southern Cal and going more local. His comments before the summer seemed to indicate he felt overlooked and underrated.
Adam Gorney: I don't know about that. Why would his ranking influence him? He had all the offers already and it came down to USC and Vanderbilt. I guess Florida or some other schools might get involved, but I see no hint that Ramsey is using his ranking to leverage other offers.
Question: Where do you see Marcell Harris landing?
Woody Wommack: I think Harris ends up at Florida.
Kynon Codrington: Tough call. He recently named a top six. I think he stays in-state. Watch out for Texas though. He has visited more than once.
Question: What did Kelvin Taylor do to make a big move up (42 posts) in the Rivals100?
Kynon Codrington: Aside from his production and lineage, Taylor stood out at the Miami Nike Camp and The Opening. He caught the ball well and showed some quickness that some questioned. His speed may come into question, but he is still a talented back.
Question: Offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil keeps moving down the list. From #3 to #7 and now #9. Why is that?
Kynon Codrington: Tunsil has all of the tools to be a premier tackle in college and beyond. However, he chose to stay away from some of the elite events. Rare for a prospect to earn a spot to The Opening as a sophomore and then decline an invite a year later. Some have questioned how hungry he is.
Question: Linebacker Daniel McMillian was named the top player in the Rivals Sweet 16 from Florida's Friday Night Lights but was moved down in the Rivals100. Why?
Kynon Codrington: McMillian is good, but he wasn't the best player on his team last year, Reggie Northrup was. McMillian is a 'tweener right now similar to Quinton Powell. He is a combo defensive end/outside linebacker who needs to add size.
Question: Hasn't Demarcus Walker dominated camps? Why hasn't he earned a fifth star?
Adam Gorney: Is Walker a defensive end or tackle? That's the question, and one reason why he hasn't moved up even more.
Question: Where do you think Demarcus Walker commits on Friday?
Kynon Codrington: Only Walker knows. I saw him this spring wearing a Bama t-shirt and shorts. Same day he tweeted, 'If you ain't a Gator, you are Gator Bait.' And he recently tripped to Auburn.
Question: Was Keanu Neal, the safety commit for UF, considered in the Rivals100? Seems like he surprised at many camps this summer.
Mike Farrell: Yes, Neal was close, he was considered for sure. [Neal ended up coming in at No. 108]
Question: Why the recent spate of Florida decommits?
Woody Wommack: There are a bunch of different reasons, but the staff's reluctance on not letting guys take officials to other schools after they've verballed is one reason. Another is the recent loss of wide receiver coach Hill.
Kynon Codrington: Losing the Recruiting Coordinator [Hill] before the season hurts UF. However, the PR hit they are getting on the Tre Bell recruitment is puzzling. The UF staff needs to do a better job communicating w/ prospects if they want to avoid this trend.
Question: I expected Kelvin Taylor to jump up in the rankings after his on the field performance where he really shines and not 7-on-7s and drills. Do you think he has the potential to climb even higher?
Kynon Codrington: Possibly. I agree he is better with pads on, but showed reliable hands and route running capability at The Opening.
Question: How close is Laquan Treadwell to committing?
Josh Helmholdt: He is still a ways off. Now that he has decided not to commit this summer, I expect him to take most or all of his five allotted official visits.
Question: What are your thoughts on Keanu Neal? He made quite an impressive jump. Does he have possibility in making the top 100?
Kynon Codrington: Neal was better than advertised this summer at The Opening. He is one of the top defensive backs in the state of Florida. He was able to cover some elite wide receivers out in Oregon and showed great understanding of the defensive schemes implemented by former All-Pro and NFL linebacker Hardy Nickerson.
Question: Why did offensive lineman Kenny Lacy drop 60 plus spots? What do you guys like or dislike about him?
Adam Gorney: No question Lacy wants to compete everywhere, but he's not incredibly physical and was beaten by some of the top defensive ends in the country this summer. Love his attitude though.
Question: Who else do the Gators land in the Rivals250?
Kynon Codrington: They have a chance with Tunsil, Harris, and Alex Anzalone in my opinion.
Question: Do you think Daniel McMillian ends up in Florida when its all said and done?
Kynon Codrington: I think so.