Rivals100 North rates visit to Florida a 10

During last year's recruiting cycle Florida fared very well in the state of North Carolina, pulling four top 15 prospects out of the state including the top two overall prospects in D.J. Humphries and Jonathan Bullard. This past weekend the Gators hosted the number one overall player in the Tar Heel State for an official visit when Charlotte (N.C.) Mallard Creek wide receiver Marquez North made his way to Gainesville with his father.
Inside the Gators spoke with Marquez's father, Romondo North, about their time in Gainesville.
"It was a real good time," said the elder North. "We took a little nap after we got in and then went and ate with the team and basically did everything the team would do for a regular game.

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"When we were on campus we went by the media college and saw all of that and I know he (Marquez) really enjoyed that. After that we went back to the stadium and that's when the game started."
While in the Swamp for the actual game against LSU, Mr. North said he and his son really watched what Florida did on the field.
"It was electric out there," stated Mr. North. "The only place that we have been to that was loud was Tennessee. I like how Florida's stadium is set up to where it's like a wall that keeps the sound in so it was just really loud and LSU couldn't get their plays and audible and stuff in."
Heading into this past weekend's visit, the Rivals100 member had the Tennessee Volunteers on top. His father talked about where the younger North stands today.
"I think after all of these official visits then he will an order of schools," stated Mr. North. "I know he is not going to sign [commit] early and will probably go all the way to Signing Day.
"There are a lot of schools that he likes. There are some schools like Ohio State that he just hasn't seen before or even Florida before this weekend, but he likes Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Clemson, and Ohio State. It's not so much that Tennessee is his leader it's just more of him liking the atmosphere but not that they're number one."
He also added the Gators definitely impressed after this weekend.
"We talked about the visit on the ride home and asked him what he would give the trip on a scale of 1-10 and he said a 10. He said that he liked that fans and the atmosphere at the game and he said the only threw the ball eleven times and I asked him how he knew that and he told me that he counted."
There are a few key things the 6-foot-4, 220-pound receiver is looking for in a college and his father shared what those would be.
"He wants to come into a place where he can come in and compete. We talked to every coach when we were down there and that's what they were telling him that they want him to come in and compete for a spot, but it wouldn't be handed to him and that they are looking for bigger and faster receivers and that's they kind of players they are trying to recruit."
His son also got a chance to speak with his former high school teammate D.J. Humphries while he was on campus for his visit about what the distance is like from home.
"To me it really doesn't matter how far away he is," said the four-star's father. "Wherever he goes I will be there to see him play as long as I can drive and get back I'm cool. It's all up to him I just want him to be happy so when he decides I'm all in. I know Florida schools play a lot of Florida boys, but we talked to a lot of the players and they said the coaches are very straight forward and the best players play. My son and D.J. talk all the time, he was supposed to get down there to Gainesville to see him over spring break, but it didn't happen so every time he has a question about Florida he just calls D.J. I know he is really pushing for him to go to Florida."
Going forward the father and son have a few other official visits planned, including one with the Volunteers.
"We're going to go up there on the 20th and then we're going to Ohio State on either November 22nd or the 24th I can't remember exactly what the date is right now."