Rivals250 lineman set to decide

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Signing top tier defensive linemen is always a huge point of emphasis when it comes to recruiting in the Southeastern Conference. On Thursday one of the top uncommitted defensive linemen in the nation will make his decision between two SEC schools known publicly.
That is when Hope Mills (N.C.) South View defensive end Greg Gilmore chooses between Florida and LSU with Oklahoma still in the mix to an extent.
"I am going to decide between Florida, LSU, and Oklahoma," the Rivals250 lineman told Inside the Gators. "Its more of Florida and LSU tied at one with Oklahoma as like a 1A."
Gilmore has officially visited all three of his top schools, with his most recent being to LSU for their home loss against Alabama. Despite the loss Gilmore said he very much enjoyed his time in Tiger Town.
"I had a really great time. I pretty much expected everything I got," stated Gilmore. Right now I am really close with those guys and the players and stuff. The game was what I really liked it was electrifying."
Now, with only a short time until his decision, the 6-foot-4, 275-pound big man will have to make a big decision, one which he says will not be easy.
"I mean with LSU, they're losing guys on the front and I can come in easily play second team defensive tackle if I put in the work. And I'm close with the coaches. With Oklahoma, they're also losing d tackles and I like the coaching staff and the underlying guys there that help the coaching staff. Then with Florida they had a transfer the other day (Jafar Mann) and then Sharrif (Floyd) might be leaving and then another guy might be leaving so that's three spots right there."
In the end, Gilmore said he is having a tough time deciding between the two SEC powers.
"I mean its tough I am really close with the LSU staff, but everything is the same with me between LSU and UF. I don't know what its going to be that differs them I have to find something wrong with them. The good stuff just keeps happening I go down to LSU and I'm loving it down there and having fun then see the depth that they will have and that's good for me I mean who wouldn't want to play defensive tackle in Tiger town, then Florida I could have already possibly came in and played, but then somebody leaves making more room. That's just a good thing and a great situation."
Now that all the visits are in the books for Gilmore, he said the one he enjoyed the most was his trip to Gainesville.
"I mean I liked it at LSU, but Florida was the best visit just because of the fact that I got wowed but the visit. At LSU I knew all that was going to happen and I was expecting all the good things to happen. "
Gilmore's mother's opinion will be a huge part of his decision. Though he said she still favors Florida, that may not be the determining factor.
"I mean she told me point blank she likes Florida better, but after the LSU visit she is telling me that if I went there she wouldn't have a problem with it. I needed that for her to be comfortable with any school that I go to I want her to like it, but she is okay with it."
With Gilmore's Thursday decision creeping ever so close, he said he is very excited to finally be done with the process.
"I mean I haven't made a decision yet at all I am so much in crunch time. I am going to call all the coaches on Wednesday and let them know, but I am so ready for this to be over with, it's just time to move on and grow up and then get in the weight room and tone everything down."
The four-star also noted that after his decision the process will completely shut down, and the only visits he will take are to that school he picks.
Gilmore will announce his decision during The Recruiting Nation show airing on ESPNU Thursday beginning at 5 p.m.