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Safeties take a step backwards

Heading into the first SEC game of the season, Florida's secondary was season as one of the strong points on a team that slipped in the polls and failed to impress many critics.
Two blown coverage assignments that resulted in Tennessee touchdowns on Saturday tells safeties coach Chuck Heater that the unit regressed last week. He discussed that, preparing for Kentucky and the status of various players at the Wednesday evening media opportunity.
On Tennessee taking advantage of blown coverage:
"I think fundamentally we took a step backwards. We played well the first couple weeks. We've been productive, but the big plays should never happen and that's a breakdown in fundamentals. Both safeties and corners have tried to focus on the fundamentals because if you break down back there big plays happen. We need to get that right."
On the return of Will Hill:
"Josh Evans did a nice job for us. (Hill) was behind a little bit - the game speed, the fatigue and all that - because he's on a number of special teams as well - (were getting to him). It was a little warm so that probably hurt him a little bit getting up to game speed. He's got a game under his belt now so he should be fine."
On Kentucky playmaker Randall Cobb:
"He's a really good player. You'd love to have him. He's very multiple as a pass catcher (and) they create a lot of situations for him to carry the ball - screen to him, the wildcat formation…He's a good player, they're going to make sure he touches the ball a significant number of times."
On Jonathan Dowling's progress:
"He's doing OK. We're trying to get him challenged, trying to get him to make contributions on the special teams - that's where a lot of young players usually make their first move. That's a challenge we're presenting to him, hopefully he'll take it and get better."
On Matt Elam's progress since the first game of the season:
"The pace of it and the tempo of it is always hard for young players. He's still adjusting to all that in terms of practice and so forth, but he's made good progress and he's an integral part of what we're doing out there."
On depth in the secondary:
"You never feel totally good about it - you're always one play away from having to make some adjustments. I like that every-body's there, that's a positive. If we have it that way, that will be a good thing for the rest of the year."