Senior linebacker Jon Bostic QA

C1mkfjxa5lddz7u28x7n>NOW YOU CAN GET THREE MONTHS OF ACCESS TO ITG FOR JUST $9.95KENNER, La. --When the Florida football team touched down in Louisiana on Thursday, senior linebacker Jonathan Bostic was one of two UF players who were made available for interviews.
You kind of started your career here at the Sugar Bowl your freshman year (Bostic played against Cincinnati but did not make a tackle) and now it's the last game of your career. What's that like for you?
Bostic: "It's good. Obviously you wouldn't want it to be your last game, but it's a good way to end the season. We want to make sure we go out on a winning note."
So you wouldn't want it be your last game?
Bostic: "Everybody says you want to hurry up and get out of here and you want to try to see what's next, but at the same time you still want to be around the locker room and be around the guys you grew up with."
How much different is your second trip to the Sugar Bowl than your first trip?
Bostic: "It's much different. My freshman year I wasn't playing too much. I was behind (Brandon) Spikes, (Ryan) Stamper, (Brandon) Hicks and a lot of those guys. So now it's really my turn to play."
New Orleans is a lot different than Jacksonville or Tampa, your last two bowl destinations. Do you guys talk a lot about avoiding problems?
Bostic: "No. Guys have been smart all year and making good decisions. That's one thing we said, everybody has to keep each other out of trouble and just make sure we're going in the right direction."
Was Charlie Strong the main guy who recruited you, and how often did he come down to Wellington?
Bostic: "He actually came down a lot. He was a guy I pretty much knew since my 9th, maybe 10th year in high school. I have a good relationship with him. Him recruiting me all through the years, I'm real comfortable with him."
Do you remember your first meeting with him?
Bostic: "Yes I do. It was the Tennessee game my 10th grade year. It was on the field. I really remember him just being himself. I know a lot of coaches try to sell what the program has to offer, but he wanted to really form a relationship and be more than just a coach."
Has the success he's had been no surprise to the guys who played for him?
Bostic: "Yeah. I knew wherever he ended up he was going to have success. It was just a matter of time before somebody really realized what he's been doing and really gave him a chance. When he was at Notre Dame, South Carolina and Florida, he was doing the same thing."