Sharrif Floyd QA: I love it

As one class of Gators are getting ready to wave goodbye to The Swamp, another group is almost ready to call themselves veterans. On Wednesday, Sharrif Floyd, one of the marquee names of the 2010 class met with the media and spoke candidly about his freshman experience, rough patches in chemistry between the veterans and the freshmen and Saturday's home finale.
On the importance of senior day:
"It's important we send them (the seniors) off on a good note. We haven't had great success the last few games at home so we gotta send them out with a bang this week."
On the relationship between the veterans and the freshmen throughout the season:
"It started off a little shaky. Then we started bringing it together, started being a team instead of being segregated. We're pretty much a team right now."
On why things were "shaky":
"Coming in, you've got to gain their trust. They've been giving up a lot for the program. We've got to gain their trust, and I think we did that throughout the season."
On when things changed for the better:
"I'd say we started to come together before the Georgia game, but it started to show towards the end of the Georgia game when we were just running around cheering each other on - defense helped the offense, offense helped the defense - it was like a family type thing."
On if egos were a factor in the shaky start:
"I wouldn't say egos. Everybody was the man at they're high school then they come into a program were you gotta work, you gotta really earn what you need, what you want."
On his time at UF so far:
"I love it. I hit a wall a couple times, but that's a given everybody's gonna hit a wall. This is my school. I love it."
On "hitting a wall":
"Just problems, not wanting to be here. That's what freshmen think. At the end of the day I know where I belong."
On what he's looking forward to on Saturday:
"Just a good game. It shouldn't be different than all the other games. "
On his weight issues this season:
"I came in at 302 (lbs.). I went up to 306-308 (lbs.) that's the reason I dropped (to 299 lbs.)."