Sturdivant on a mission to land offer

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While playing basketball fullback Brandon Sturdivant tore his ACL, which has in turn hampered his recruitment process.
"I was playing in an AAU tournament and hurt my knee, but I continued to play through and then I played in another one a couple of weeks later and it started bothering me again and that's when I found out I had tore my ACL," Sturdivant explained. "I feel like if I hadn't tore it my recruiting process would be different right now."

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While at this time the Fort Mill (S.C.) prospect doesn't have any offers to date, he has been working hard and visiting campuses trying to gain attention.
"I've just been trying to workout for teams and show them that I'm healthy again and that I'm able to cut and stuff," said Sturdivant.
Though he would appreciate any and all offers, there is one school that the 6-foot-1, 220-pound Sturdivant is on mission to get an offer from and he will visit them later this month.
"I will be at Florida for Friday Night Lights and I'm on a mission to get an offer from them, and I think I will."
Despite the injury the Florida coaching staff has still been recruiting Sturdivant and has told him that they are looking for one thing from him when he camps later this month.
"I have talked to Coach [Brian] White a lot and he keeps telling me that want to take a fullback in this class. He told me that they need to make sure my footwork is right and they everything else with the knee is good when I'm there before offering me."
Florida isn't the only school after the Nation Ford High School prospect. Two others have been recruiting him as well.
"South Carolina and Virginia Tech have been talking to me lately."
Sturdivant then broke down these three programs.
Florida: "They tell me they need a fullback who can catch out of the backfield, but I know mainly I will just be a blocking guy which is good, but that I will get about five carries a game for them."
South Carolina: "They use their fullbacks some there and they're a good school. I visited them summer and when I was working out one of their fullbacks came up to me and said that I was like him when he was in high school, so that meant a lot to hear that from him. Their coaches also told me that I had good footwork and great hands and feet for a guy my size."
Virginia Tech: "They are close to home and they have nice coaches and feels like family there for me. They don't really use a true fullback there so I would kind of be like a third down back for them."
Sturdivant doesn't have a timetable for a decision at this time, but said that if UF were to offer, that might be the tipping point.
"If I pick up an offer from them I would most likely commit to them cause I've always kind of wanted to go there."For Andrew's Inside Scoop on Sturdivant, please visit The Alligator Alley Forum
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