The Gator Survey Says: Second Edition I

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With a tip of the hat to Richard Dawson's Family Feud and apologies to The Sporting News - thought it would be fun to steal an existing idea. Every couple
of weeks or so GBN will ask a panel of former Gator players a series of questions. Here for the second edition we sent out questionnaires to over 65 former players. 22 of them replied with their
answers to six Gator related questions.
Today, in Part I, GBN takes a closer look at the 2010 regular season through the eyes of several former Gator football players. Look for Part II to run on either Tuesday or
THE GATOR PANEL: Lutrell Alford (DL/04-07); Ephesians Bartley (LB/87-91); Lance Butler (OL/01-05); Tate Casey (TE/04-08); Ed Chester (DL/94-98); Johnny Church (DE/92-95); Joe
Cohen (DL/03-06); Jacquez Green (WR/94-97); Monty Grow (S/89-93); Leon Hires (OL/98-00); Kyle Jackson (S/04-07); David Kearley (OL/98-01); Larry Kennedy (CB/91-94); Eric Kresser (QB/92-95); Darrell
Lee (DL/00-03); Gerald Odom (LB/87-90); Skipper Peek (DB/77-79); Steve Rissler (OL/03-06); Ian Scott (DT/00-02); Shannon Snell (OL/00-03); Jason Watkins (OL/04-08) and Dee Webb (CB/03-05)
1) Taking everything into consideration, with the bowl game yet to be played, give the 2010 season a letter grade.
"I'd give the Gators a D+. As bad as everyone thought the season was (and it was bad, by our own standards), we were still 7-5. That is an okay record, and good enough to get us in to at least a
bowl game for a rebuilding season. I guess the most disheartening thing about this season was, that we looked lost so many times, and we got blown out by teams that we should have at least
challenged to win." - Shannon Snell
"C-. Simply because I saw some hope from the younger players. The coaching staff this year really didn't do a good job at preparing the guys and putting the best man on the field." - Jason
"D. Five losses is not acceptable in the Gator Nation, especially not three in a row." - Leon Hires
"F and that doesn't stand for Florida. I think the team sets high standards and would agree if you told them at the beginning of the year they would end up 7-5 with three home losses." - Monty
"It was an average season for Florida football. It had ups and downs, but for a team that continues to have its coaching staff shuffled and depleted. I give a C." - Lutrell Alford
"I would give the offense a D, the defense a B and overall team grade a C." - Tate Casey
"I grade our overall season a C-. We have not looked good in any games this year except Vandy and Kentucky, who aren't very good. I believe it comes down to leadership I did not see any player
step up and take the leadership role." - Steve Rissler
"I would say a D because they haven't done anything to make them better for next year. No one stepped up to be a leader for next year." - Darrell Lee
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2) What was Florida's biggest win and worst loss?
"Honestly, there was no big win on the season for us. We beat all the teams we were supposed to beat, and we even lost to some of the teams we were supposed to beat. The game that stung the most
for me was the South Carolina game. It's hard to think that with so much on the line, we'd come out and play so terrible. We made a decent team look like the 95 Nebraska team. Not good." - Shannon
"The biggest win was Georgia because they fought the whole game and won in overtime. Even though the loss to Mississippi State was tough because it was Homecoming, the worst loss by far was
Florida State, simply because we have dominated those chumps for the pass six years and to lose like this is embarrassing!" - Jason Watkins
"Georgia was the biggest win. Mississippi State was the worst loss. 45,000+ kids on campus and we can't find someone to make a field goal?!" - Leon Hires
"Georgia. Every win was big this year but we played with some energy and fire in this game. As far as losses go, South Carolina. We had a chance to win the East on our home field and got our
arses handed to us." - Monty Grow
"Mississippi State was a very embarrassing loss. It's the game that cost Ron Zook his job. And to only score 7 points in the Swamp - Terrible! Zook lost to MSU. with someone else's recruits.
Meyer lost this game with his recruits. And to get out coached by Dan Mullen was bad." - Larry Kennedy
"I want to say MSU was the worst loss because it was Homecoming, but getting beaten so soundly by South Carolina with a chance to play in the SEC Championship on the line was the most
disappointing for me. Best win was Georgia. It was great to beat those guys and great to see Chas Henry have some success after his earlier disappointments!" - Ian Scott
"We did not have a big win in my opinion. Worst loss would have to be LSU, close game after a big loss and a chance to change momentum in the right direction and we did not capitalize." - Lance
3) Who is your MVP on Offense and Defense?
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