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The Silver Lining: 11/9 Orange Blue News

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In order to make sure Florida Gators-related news stories don't fall through the cracks, once or twice a week The Silver Lining will take on a "news and notes" format to keep you up-to-date with the latest goings on in the world of University of Florida athletics.
Gators fans became worried recently when the New York Post's Page 6 reported that now-Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer met with Tim Tebow in an effort to get him to help recruit for his new team. Tebow dismissed such a notion this week, telling the Orlando Sentinel's Mike Bianchi, "My parents are Gators. I was born a Gator. I played for the Gators. I gave my heart to the University of Florida, and I'll always be a Gator." He also went on to say that Meyer is "like a father figure to me" but "he would never ask me to help him recruit for Ohio State." That much is not known, though it is interesting that Tebow has done interviews recently saying that he is indeed rooting for Meyer and Ohio State and would happily meet with OSU quarterback Braxton Miller.
A laughing matter or not, Chicago Bulls executives obviously did not find it funny when center Joakim Noah attempted a three-pointer on Tuesday in an effort to help his team eclipse 100 points and win the fans in attendance a free Big Mac as part of a promotion. Though Chicago would not have been in danger of losing the game, Noah received criticism for the move despite the fact that Bulls fans have, on numerous occasions, booed the team when it did not try to reach 100 points at the end of other games. "You have to respect the game because you never know what can happen in a game," he told ESPNChicago.com in a half-apology. "I just got caught up in the moment and I was trying to get the people a Big Mac. They really wanted a Big Mac."
Tons of people have maintained for quite some time that sophomore QB Jacoby Brissett would transfer if he did not win the starting job this season, though a conversation with his high school head coach seems to have indicated that he will go in a different direction. Dwyer High School head coach Jack Daniels told the Palm Beach Post's Jason Lieser this week that Brissett said the following: "People say I'm transferring - I'm not doing anything. I'm here to win games and prepare to be the starter." Daniels admitted that he did not know why Brissett would stay considering the circumstances but also said he certainly does not blame the coaching staff for choosing one quarterback over the other. Brissett may not intend to transfer but considering the team made it impossible for him to redshirt this season, it may very well be in his best interest going forward.
On his way to a potentially undefeated season at Louisville, former Florida defensive coordinator Charlie Strong is a hot name for SEC head coaching jobs. With three major programs - Arkansas, Auburn and Tennessee - all in need of coaches at the end of the season, Strong should be a top candidate at each program. But if he is offered, will he leave? Apparently Strong is very appreciative of Louisville giving him his first head coaching opportunity and the administration has promised to match any monetary offer given to him. It may become tough for the Cardinals to retain him, however, if the Razorbacks offer. Strong is an Arkansas native and returning to his home state to coach that prestigious program may be too much to pass up.
Reflecting back on his decision to leave the NFL and return to college coaching, Gators defensive coordinator Dan Quinn said this week that he did have some trepidation but mostly because of how comfortable he was with Seattle. However, in the end, he "thought the opportunity was too unique to pass up and that's why I wanted to come do it, and I'm certainly glad that I did." Quinn added that there is no other place he could have imagined being a better opportunity at the college level than UF. "I had been a defensive line coach for 10 years. For me the chance to, as a play caller and coordinator, lead a bigger group of people, that was one [reason] for me. And then at a place like this, I thought, 'Where else would you rather do it?'"
Some may be focused on the football game Saturday but there are plenty of other events going on this weekend. Florida basketball is currently at the Navy Mayport Station in Jacksonville, FL set to compete in the inaugural Navy-Marine Corps Classic against Georgetown. Gator Growl is also set for Friday evening with Olympic gold medalist Dara Torres as the host. UF cross country (NCAA Regionals), soccer (vs. Florida Gulf Coast), women's basketball (vs. Fairfield) and volleyball (at Missouri) are all in action on Friday. Women's tennis is competing in a pair of events from Friday-Sunday, women's basketball has a double-header against Georgia State on Sunday beginning at 1 p.m. and volleyball completes the weekend at Ole Miss. The turnaround is quite short for the men's basketball team, too, which hosts Alabama State on Sunday at 3:30 p.m.