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The Silver Lining is an exclusive column written for Inside The Gators by Adam Silverstein, the owner and editor of ONLY GATORS Get Out Alive (OnlyGators.com).
A graduate of the University of Florida, Adam has been writing professionally for over a decade. His website has been sourced by numerous national and local publications including ESPN, USA Today, Sports Illustrated, The Gainesville Sun, Orlando Sentinel and Palm Beach Post, just to name a few. He has also made multiple radio appearances nationally on Sirius/XM and locally on ESPN affiliates. Combining news, analysis and commentary The Silver Lining will take on many incarnations and cover a variety of topics here at Inside The Gators.
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3/19 Gators Gator Sports Weekend Recap (free)
3/18 Instant Analysis: Yet another blowout victory (premium)
3/16 Instant Analysis: Blowout Victory (premium)
3/12 Florida ready for the Big Dance (premium)
3/12 Gators Gator Sports Weekend Recap (free)
3/9 Orange & Blue News (premium)
3/7 Tournament Time: Analysts talk Florida basketball (premium)
3/6 Donovan sees team becoming more confident (premium)
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3/2 Orange & Blue News (premium)
3/1 Former Gators plan on giving back to Gainesville (premium)
2/29 Former Gators impress at the NFL Combine (premium)
2/27 Basketball Notebook: Filling the Void (premium)
2/27 Gators Gator Sports Weekend Recap (free)
2/24 Orange & Blue News (premium)
2/20 Notebook: Shooting slump ends (free)
2/20 Gators Gator Sports Weekend Recap (free)
2/17 Gators players preparing for NFL Combine (premium)
2/16 Florida tight end arrested, released, suspended (premium)
2/14 Florida, Alabama less than full strength (premium)
2/13 New offensive line coach hired (premium)
2/10 Orange & Blue News (premium)
2/6 Gators take to the road for SEC Showdown (premium)
1/30 Basketball Notebook: Murphy is a difference maker (premium)
1/26 Parting Shots: Dan Wenger II (premium)
1/25 Parting Shots: Dan Wenger I (free)
1/24 Notebook: No rest for the weary (premium)
1/20 Orange & Blue News (premium)
1/18 Wednesday Notes: Young expected to play (premium)
1/16 Monday Notebook: Ankle injury limits Young (premium)
1/11 Getting to know Brent Pease (premium)
1/11 It's official, Florida hires Pease (premium)
1/9 Donovan focused on Florida's lack of intensity (premium)
1/5 Thursday Notebook: Early start this Saturday (premium)
1/4 Florida set to begin league play this weekend (premium)
1/3 Dillman named new Strength & Conditioning Coach (premium)
1/3 Thumbs Up & Thumbs Down: Signature victory (premium)
1/2 Instant Analyis: UF finishes with a winning record (premium)
1/1 Five on the Spot (premium)
12/26 Orange & Blue News (free)
12/25 Giving out gifts to Gators (premium)
12/23 Grading the class of 2011 - Part II (premium)
12/22 Grading the class of 2011 - Part I (premium)
12/19 Orange & Blue News (free)
12/16 Orange & Blue News (free)
12/13 Two for Tuesday: All about the Tebow Express (premium)
12/10 Orange & Blue News (free)
12/7 Donovan needs a different Rosario (premium)
12/5 Orange & Blue News (free)
12/2 Orange & Blue News (free)
12/1 Rosario finding his groove with the Gators (premium)
11/28 Orange & Blue News (free)
11/27 Thumbs Up & Thumbs Down: Disappointing finish (premium)
11/25 Five on the Spot: Muschamp's defining moment? (free)
11/23 Orange & Blue News (free)
11/22 Fisher wary of Florida's defense (free)
11/20 Thumbs Up & Thumbs Down: Come from behind victory (premium)
11/19 Five on the Spot (free)
11/15 Basketball: Five on the Spot (free)
11/14 Thumbs Up & Thumbs Down: Almost an upset (premium)
11/11 Five on the Spot (premium)
11/11 Basketball Season Preview: Five Questions (free)
11/10 Basketball Preseason Superlatives (free)
11/2 For Spurrier, Florida is just another game (premium)
11/6 Thumbs Up & Thumbs Down: Finally a win (premium)
11/4 Five on the Spot (premium)
11/4 Orange & Blue News (free)
11/2 Vanderbilt excited about direction of program (free)
10/30 Thumbs Up & Thumbs Down: Yet another loss (premium)
10/28 Five on the Spot (free)
10/28 Orange & Blue News (free)
10/26 2-8 Richt looking to turn the Gator tide (free)
10/25 Two for Tuesday: Tebow & Gator Basketball (free)
10/22 Orange & Blue News (free)
10/21 ITG Roundtable: Midseason Edition (premium)
10/20 Former Gator Starks talks recruiting decision (free)
10/17 Orange & Blue News (premium)
10/16 Thumbs Up & Thumbs Down: Giving one away (premium)
10/15 Five on the Spot (free)
10/10 Orange & Blue News (free)
10/9 Thumbs Up & Thumbs Down: Stinging Loss (premium)
10/7 Five on the Spot (premium)
10/5 Miles: Florida is talented, well prepared (free)
10/3 Orange & Blue News (free)
10/2 Thumbs Up & Thumbs Down: First Loss (premium)
10/1 Five on the Spot (free)
9/28 Saban ready for a brand new Florida (free)
9/26 Orange & Blue News (free)
9/25 Thumbs Up & Thumbs Down: Blowout Victory (free)
9/24 Five on the Spot (premium)
9/23 Orange & Blue News (free)
9/21 No punt block controversy (premium)
9/20 Orange & Blue News (free)
9/18 Thumbs Up & Thumbs Down: Gators pass first real test (premium)
9/14 SEC Teleconference: Dooley understands what a win would mean (premium)
9/12 Orange & Blue News (premium)
9/11 Thumbs Up & Thumbs Down: Blowout Victory (premium)
9/9 Orange & Blue News (premium)
9/5 Orange & Blue News (premium)
9/5 Thumbs Up & Thumbs Down: Season Opener (premium)
9/2 Orange & Blue News (premium)
8/31 ITG Roundtable: Fall Football Edition (premium)
8/30 Mutual respect in season opener (free)
8/30 Orange & Blue News (premium)
8/29 Thumbs Up & Thumbs Down: Camp Edition (premium)
8/26 Orange & Blue News (premium)
8/23 Point/Counterpoint: Will Florida win the East? (premium)
8/22 Orange & Blue News (premium)
8/21 Thumbs Up & Thumbs Down: Camp Edition (premium)
8/19 Orange & Blue News (premium)
8/15 Orange & Blue News (premium)
8/14 Thumbs Up & Thumbs Down: Camp Edition (premium)
8/12 Orange & Blue News (premium)
8/11 Henry is happy for the chance (free)
8/9 What was learned during All-Access Monday (premium)
8/8 Orange & Blue News (premium)
8/5 Orange & Blue News (premium)
8/3 11 UF predictions for fall camp (premium)
8/2 Former DL Carter gushes over Muschamp, Quinn (premium)
8/1 Orange & Blue News (premium)
7/29 Orange & Blue News (premium)
7/29 Eight Former Gators Signed (premium)
7/27 Point/Counterpoint: Should Beal start (premium)
7/25 7/18 Friday Night Lights: A different perspective (premium)
7/25 7/18 Orange & Blue News (premium)
7/22 7/18 Orange & Blue News (premium)
7/21 Wenger stepping in, filling a void (free)
7/20 Team has total confidence in Brantley (free)
7/18 Orange & Blue News (premium)
7/15 Orange & Blue News (premium)
7/13 Point/Counterpoint: Muschamp & Brantley (free)
7/11 Orange & Blue News (premium)
7/8 ITG Study: Those who transfer rarely prosper (premium)
7/8 Orange & Blue News (premium)
7/5 Two for Tuesday: UF stars still competing (free)
7/1 Orange & Blue News (premium)
6/28 SEC Basketball Coaches Teleconference Notebook (premium)
6/27 Orange & Blue News (premium)
6/26 College World Series: Gator Storylines (free)
6/24 Orange & Blue News (premium)
6/23 Parsons, Macklin drafted in second round (free)
6/23 NBA Draft Preview: Three former Gators hoping to hear name called (premium)
6/20 Orange & Blue News (premium)
6/17 Orange & Blue News (free)
6/13 Orange & Blue News (premium)
6/10 Orange & Blue News (free)
6/6 Joe Cohen: Then & Now (free)
6/6 Orange & Blue News (premium)
6/3 SEC Spring Meetings: 25 man limit (premium)
6/3 The Silver Lining: Orange & Blue News (premium)
6/1 SEC Spring Meetings: Play for pay proposed (premium)
5/31 SEC Spring Meetings: UF opposes over-signing (premium)
5/30 Orange & Blue News (premium)
5/29 Florida beats Vandy for league title (free)
5/28 First & 10: Tevin Westbrook (free)
5/27 Orange & Blue News (premium)
5/25 The Silver Lining: Two for Tuesday (free)
5/23 Orange & Blue News (premium)
5/20 Orange & Blue News (premium)
5/19 Haslem fires up the Heat (free)
5/18 Parsons is more confident (premium)
5/17 Duke Lemmens Parting Shots Part II (premium)
5/16 Duke Lemmens Parting Shots Part I (free)
5/16 Orange & Blue News (free)
5/13 Orange & Blue News (premium)
5/11 Where are they now: Jemalle Cornelius is right where he belongs (premium)
5/9 Orange & Blue News (premium)
5/6 Orange & Blue News (free)
5/4 Elway gives Tebow a public vote of confidence (premium)
5/2 Orange & Blue News (free)
5/1 Four Gators selected in NFL Draft (premium)
4/29 Orange & Blue News (premium)
4/27 Muschamp to the Gator Nation: Stay Positive (free)
4/27 Gator Gathering: Muschamp on Team Discipline (premium)
4/25 Orange & Blue News (free)
4/24 Muschamp has a tough decision with Jenkins (premium)
4/22 Orange & Blue News (free)
4/20 Ask Adam (free)
5/18 Parsons is more confident (premium)
4/18 Orange & Blue News (free)
4/15 Two receiver set to transfer (premium)
4/15 Orange & Blue News (free)
4/14 Much needed big man signs with Florida (premium)
4/13 Peterson is a Hall of Famer(free)
4/11 Orange & Blue News (free)
4/8 Temper your expectations for Saturday's Orange & Blue Debut (free)
4/7 Orange & Blue News (free)
4/5 Donovan continues to prove he's among nation's elite (free)
4/4 Orange & Blue News (free)
4/4 Gators in the the NFL Draft Preview (free)
4/1 Coaches, ex-players pumped about new Gators (free)