Tis the season: Giving out gifts to Gators

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With 2013 coming to a close and the air filled with holiday cheer, Santa is here to give gifts to the Gators ahead of the upcoming New Year.
Little Willy Muschamp prays to keep his job and for a top-50 offense to boot, while Billy Donovan hopes the NCAA will soon clear his blue chip five-star recruit. Jeremy Foley wants to put his coach at ease and sell thousands more tickets, while Florida fans just hope Dalvin Cook stays committed.
So come along for the ride as we look through my bag and hand out gifts to the Gators, ones they'd surely love to snag.
For Will Muschamp:
* An offensive coordinator, the third he will hire in four seasons, but one that finally works out, saves his job and sticks around for the long haul.
* A year of health for his team, which was snake-bitten with injuries throughout 2013.
* A win against Georgia. Santa hears this prayer every year.
* Deafness only when fans are speaking to him.
For Billy Donovan:
* The last piece of his 2013-14 roster (five-star Chris Walker) to finally be cleared to play for Florida this season.
* A trip to the Final Four for the first time since 2007.
* The Patric Young that plays against ranked opponents on national television to perform at that same level in every game.
* An additional forward for the 2014-15 season, when he is currently scheduled to have a backcourt-heavy roster.
* Shrimp, just based on versatility, there is a lot of potential there.
For ITG subscribers:
* A positive end to the stressful recruitments of four-stars running back Dalvin Cook and Ermon Lane.
* An indoor practice facility, duh!
* Accountability for the Gainesville Police Department.
* Kerwin Bell, somehow, someway.
* A bowl ga…oops, nevermind.
* Students that arrive to games before kickoff.
For Loucheiz Purifoy:
* A team that will draft him to start on special teams and allow him enough time to be coached up and develop as a defensive back.
For Dominique Easley:
* A full recovery from his season-ending knee injury and the ability to work out for NFL executives and scouts ahead of the 2014 NFL Draft.
For Dorian Finney-Smith:
* A handle.
For Tim Tebow:
* One last opportunity to be signed and developed like so many other backup quarterbacks before calling it a career too early.
For Al Horford:
* The respect he deserves (in the form of an All-Star nod) for carrying Atlanta through the first half of the season with a career-high 18.3 points and 8.4 boards per game.
For Jeff Driskel:
* Better pocket awareness.
* Better protection from his offensive line.
* An offensive coordinator that will utilize his full skill set.
For Karsten Whitson:
* A full season of health, one Santa Adam promised but failed to deliver in 2013.
For the gymnastics team:
* A second-straight national championship.
For Jeremy Foley:
* An untrackable private jet.
* Patience.
For David Nelson:
* A fair contract for a wide receiver who has rebounded well after season-ending knee surgery in 2012 and been the best pass catcher on a bad team all year.
For Bradley Beal:
* To go the rest of the season without his nagging leg injury bothering him again.
For Percy Harvin:
* The ability to return for and stay healthy throughout the playoffs in hopes of helping Seattle make a legitimate Super Bowl run.
For Marcus Roberson and Ronald Powell:
* The foresight that one more season at Florida would do them a lot of good both in the short- and long-term.