Tis the season: Giving out gifts to Gators

Aiqwpjtglb4nfqcanz9b>NOW YOU CAN GET THREE MONTHS OF ACCESS TO ITG FOR JUST $9.95With 2012 coming to a close and the air filled with holiday cheer, Santa Adam is here to give gifts to the Gators for the upcoming year.
Timmy Tebow prays for a return home to the Promised Land while Brent Pease thinks of ways to make the offense less bland. David Lee just wants some props for his All-Star first half, and Will Muschamp hopes there are no defectors from his staff.
So come along for the ride as we look through the bag and hand out gifts to the Gators, ones they'd surely love to snag.
For Tim Tebow:
* A coaching staff and front office that believe in his abilities and will give him the opportunity to play his game and lead a team on the next level.
* A second chance to embarrass the New York Jets like he did in 2011.
For David Lee:
* National acclaim and a nomination to the NBA All-Star game for the first time since 2010 for his incredible first half of the season in which he is averaging 20.0 points and 11.3 rebounds per game.
* An opportunity to compete in the playoffs for the first time in his professional career.
For Brent Pease:
* Some competent playmakers so he can open up the playbook and show what he can really do at Florida.
* A tight end in Jordan Reed who returns for his redshirt senior season and allows the Gators' offense to stay on track.
For Will Muschamp:
* A second-straight bowl game victory to help fans ignore the fact that he is still 0-2 against Georgia.
* A ban on sideline photographers that capture his facial expressions during games.
* A 2013 schedule void of team names and players with faces.
* The ability to say "especially" instead of "expecially."
For ITG message board posters:
* An indoor practice facility!
* A victory over Clemson in a major recruiting battle.
* Breaking news every day of the year.
For Mike Gillislee:
* 164 rushing yards in the Sugar Bowl, which would give him 1,268 on the year and the most in a single season for a Gators running back since Fred Taylor in 1997.
* A legitimate opportunity to play as a rookie in the NFL.
For Frankie Hammond Jr.:
* A touchdown reception in his final game at Florida.
For Ronald Powell:
* To finally recover from his knee injury so he can have the breakout season that the coaching staff and fans hoped to see in 2012.
For Kenny Boynton:
* To regain his stroke from downtown and end his atrocious shooting slump.
For Billy Donovan:
* A team that knows how to stay composed in the final two minutes of a basketball game.
* A third five-star recruit to add to his impressive 2013 class.
* Shrimp, just based on versatility, there is a lot of potential there.
* An NBA team to give John Calipari an offer he can't refuse.
For Matt Elam:
* The Jim Thrope Award (if he stays).
* A team to believe in him as a first-round draft selection (if he declares).
For Brian Poole:
* The ability to have a breakout 2013 season in the same vein as Loucheiz Purifoy in 2012.
For Chandler Parsons:
* Nothing. He got his gift (James Harden) in October.
For Karsten Whitson:
* An injury-free season that could allow him to be one of the top pitchers in college baseball.
For Matt Jones:
* A third-straight impressive performance (8.1 YPC, 10.1 YPC) to give him the inside track on the starting tailback job in 2013.
For Omar Hunter and Trey Burton:
* A lifetime of health and happiness for their new babies.
For Patric Young:
* His highlight plays - mostly blocks and dunks - get the space they deserve on SportsCenter and Top Plays.
For the lacrosse team:
* A national championship in their fourth year of competition as a reward for the seniors that started the team from scratch as freshmen and got screwed out of a berth in the national championship game last season.