Uncensored Sound Off: Post game reaction

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Former, current and future Florida Gators, as well as college football analysts, took to Twitter during and immediately after Florida's 34-17 loss to Vanderbilt. Check out what some of your favorite Gators and some well-known analysts had to say after the contest.
Spelling and grammar aren't high on the list of priorities when Tweeting. If it matters to you, you might want to skip over this feature altogether
Former defensive end Bobby McCray:
Please tell me I'm dreaming..... Bobby McCray (@bobbymccray) November 9, 2013
Former offensive lineman Shannon Snell:
This game officially blows.- Shannon Snell (@theebigbossSS) November 9, 2013
Wow... I was going to take my son to the Georgia Southern game... Not so much now. He deserves much better than to watch this crap.- Shannon Snell (@theebigbossSS) November 9, 2013
Are you kidding? 68 years since these guys last won in Gainesville???? Take a bow Muschamp. Could be your last.- Shannon Snell (@theebigbossSS) November 9, 2013
Rivals national recruiting director Mike Farrell:
#Gators not exactly putting together a Gameday atmosphere to impress Da'Shawn Hand, what a mess so far- Mike Farrell (@rivalsmike) November 9, 2013
Former defensive end Alex Brown:
Watching my Gators get whipped by Vandy... @hthill must be pretty happy right now. I just broke my TV!! #changecoming- Alex James Brown (@alexbrown96) November 9, 2013
Yahoo! Sports columnist Pat Forde:
Now 17-0 Vandy in The Swamp. Waiting for an updated fan pic to see if the late-arriving crowd is now an early-leaving crowd.- Pat Forde (@YahooForde) November 9, 2013
Former quarterback Noah Brindise:
That TD drive was like a slow death.- Noah Brindise (@NoahBrindise) November 9, 2013
Wow. It has officially gotten real, real bad here in Gainesville.- Noah Brindise (@NoahBrindise) November 9, 2013
We should have ran that off the leg play sooner!- Noah Brindise (@NoahBrindise) November 9, 2013
Sports Illustrated writer Stewart Mandel:
Maybe Florida saw they were being projected for BBVA Compass Bowl and decided to take a dive.- Stewart Mandel (@slmandel) November 9, 2013
On that last series, Florida had a first down at the Vandy 41. It ended with Vandy taking over at the Florida 10 with no turnover or punt.- Stewart Mandel (@slmandel) November 9, 2013
Inside the Gators senior writer Bryan Holt:
Muschamp on the fans: "They pay their ticket. They can boo all they want. That's good. Now it doesn't help our program. That's fine."- Bryan Holt (@Bryan_Holt) November 9, 2013
Should Will Muschamp's job be in jeopardy? Jon Halapio: "I strongly disagree with that. I'll go to battle with that coach any day."- Bryan Holt (@Bryan_Holt) November 9, 2013
Will Muschamp: "I don't need anybody from the outside to tell me what we need to do with this football team. I can assure you of that."- Bryan Holt (@Bryan_Holt) November 9, 2013
Inside the Gators Adam Silverstein:
Florida has now lost to unranked opponents in consecutive weeks for the first time since 1988.- (@onlygators) November 9, 2013
1010XL (Jacksonville, FL) radio host Frank Frangie:
I truly believe Jeremy Foley doesn't want to fire Will this season. But boy oh boy they're not making it easy on the AD.- Frank Frangie (@Frank_Frangie) November 9, 2013
FOX Sports Florida sportscaster Larry Vettel:
F-Y-I.. the last time Vandy beat Florida Ronald Reagan was President, Will Muschamp was in High School and none of these players were born.- Larry Vettel (@LarryVettel) November 9, 2013
Former walk-on Scott Peek:
In all kinds of weather we'll all stick together....or you can just find somebody else to cheer for because we dont need you #inchampItrust- Scott Peek (@ScottPeek16) November 9, 2013
Former defensive end Kevin Carter:
I was hoping for a little "Gator magic" today... :-( #homecomingheartbreak- Kevin Carter (@kevincarterESPN) November 9, 2013
Senior walk-on kicker Brad Phillips:
Tough loss today but grateful to have the opportunity to play in the swamp again #InAllKindsOfWeather- Brad Phillips (@Sirkicksalot97) November 9, 2013