Uncensored Sound Off: Post game reaction

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Former, current and future Florida Gators, as well as college football analysts, took to Twitter during and immediately after Florida's 21-16 loss to Miami. Check out what some of your favorite Gators and some well-known analysts had to say after the contest.
Spelling and grammar aren't high on the list of priorities when Tweeting. If it matters to you, you might want to skip over this feature altogether
Former running back Earnest Graham:
A bet is a bet and I lost...smh Earnest Graham (@EarnestGraham) September 7, 2013
Defensive tackle Darious Cummings:
Gotta give credit to UM. Still should of won! Oh well! Gotta get ready for UT!- Darious C Cummings (@5BearCummings5) September 7, 2013
ESPN sideline reporter Tom Luginbill:
#Miami owned that game form an execution standpoint as it relates to errors and turnovers and deserved to win. #Canes #UFvsMIA- Tom Luginbill (@TomLuginbill) September 7, 2013
Cornerback Brian Poole:
Took A Tough One On The Chin.. Gotta Bounce Back Though! - Brian Poole (@JustPooleN_It) September 7, 2013
Tight end Kent Taylor:b>
I'm unfollowing any one who tweets or retweets anything negative about our football team, when you turn the ball over you lose, period.- Kent Taylor (@kenttaylor18) September 7, 2013
Sideline reporter Brady Ackerman:
Great win for Miami and Al Golden, his guys fought hard. Florida's season is far from over- a lot of football left and plenty of potential.- brady ackerman (@bradyack) September 7, 2013
Former defensive end Alex Brown:
Since 1997 I have had 52 absolute horrible days... Today is another one of those days... My Gators will be back.. And watch out when we do!- Alex James Brown (@alexbrown96) September 7, 2013
Former offensive lineman Shannon Snell:
Enough with the anger Gator fans. $hit happens. They weren't perfect by any means but neither are any of us. #throughallkindsofweather- Shannon Snell (@theebigbossSS) September 7, 2013
Freshman offensive lineman Rod Johnson:
Stil screaming go gators!!!- Rod Johnson #⃣5⃣5⃣ (@Almighty_rod55) September 7, 2013
Former linebacker Johnny Rutledge:
I'm glad twitter wasn't around when I played. I know I would have been banned from tweeting anything. Media's dream quotes- Johnny Rutledge (@jrut3) September 7, 2013
Former running back Fred Taylor:
Turnovers turnovers- Fred Taylor (@FredTaylorMade) September 7, 2013
Miami radio host Adam Kuperstein:
The Canes aren't back. Unless your standards are so low that winning a home game in Week 2 against an overrated Florida team is being "back"- Adam Kuperstein (@AKuperstein) September 7, 2013
Former basketball player Joakim Noah:
That was a shitty football game- Joakim Noah (@JoakimNoah) September 7, 2013
Associated Press writer Tim Reynolds:
Miami had 212 yards today. The last time Miami had fewer yards in a win was Oct. 26, 1996 (162) vs. then No. 12-West Virginia.- Tim Reynolds (@ByTimReynolds) September 7, 2013
Tight end Colin Thompson:
A true judgement of someone's character is how they respond after they have been knocked down- Colin Thompson (@ColinThompsonUF) September 7, 2013