Uncensored Sound Off: Post game reaction

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Former, current and future Florida Gators, as well as college basketball analysts, took to Twitter during and immediately after Florida's victory over Minnesota. Check out what some of your favorite Gators and some well-known analysts had to say after the contest.
Spelling and grammar aren't high on the list of priorities when Tweeting. If it matters to you, you might want to skip over this feature altogether
CBS Sports college basketball writer Jeff Goodman:
Tubby and Minnesota down 19 to Florida. The win against UCLA was nice and all, but may not be completely safe if get embarrassed today.- Jeff Goodman (@GoodmanCBS) March 24, 2013
Former forward/center David Lee:
My #Gators are looking good so far, lets keep it up in the second half!!! #Sweet16bound- David Lee (@Dlee042) March 24, 2013
Former guard/forward Corey Brewer:
Get mike the ball yes sir gator boys all day!- Corey Brewer (@CoreyBrewer13) March 25, 2013
We bout to get this win and Kenny has played bad wait til he plays good.- Corey Brewer (@CoreyBrewer13) March 25, 2013
Former forward Adam Allen:
Scottie just took over the game- Adam Allen (@AAforTre) March 25, 2013
CBS Sports college basketball writer Jerry Palm:
Florida cruising now.Big Ten 0-2 vs SEC, 10-0 vs everyone else. #justlikefootball- Jerry Palm (@jppalmCBS) March 25, 2013
Former running back Emmitt Smith:
I think this one is over now. Sweet sixteen here come the Gators Baby.- Emmitt Smith (@EmmittSmith22) March 25, 2013
Former forward Al Horford:
Nice W. Proud of the Gator Boys! Sweet 16!!! #Gators- Al Horford (@Al_Horford) March 25, 2013
Former team manager Kyle Gilreath:
Billy D took advantage of Minnesota switching pick & rolls and it was over!- Kyle Gilreath (@KyleGilreath) March 25, 2013
Former catcher Mike Zunino:
Sweet 16 for the gators. Man it's great to be a Florida Gator. #GatorNation #MarchMadness- Mike Zunino (@Mike_Zunino) March 25, 2013
Sports Illustrated writer Stewart Mandel:
UF and FGCU campuses are separated by a 260-mile stretch of I-75, which, if you've driven it, means 260 Waffle Houses.- Stewart Mandel (@slmandel) March 25, 2013
If you're Florida, you simply cannot lose to Florida Gulf Coast in the NCAAs. Would be a far worse fate than losing national title game.- Stewart Mandel (@slmandel) March 25, 2013
ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Bilas:
Florida plays 15-seeds in consecutive years in the NCAA Tournament, without having been a 2-seed.- Jay Bilas (@JayBilas) March 25, 2013
ITG columnist Adam Silverstein:
"We tried to scrimmage them earlier this season, now we got a shot. ... They're one of the best programs in the country." Enfield on Florida- (@onlygators) March 25, 2013