Worth Repeating: Gator player post-game quotes

No. 11 Florida punished No. 3 LSU with a bruising second-half comeback. After the game, UF's locker room was as energized and amped as the gameday crowd. Inbetween the hootin'-n-hollerin', here's what several Gators players had to say about the mild upset.
Defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd on team's eyes on Atlanta:
"We all think about it. We all got that in the back of our head, but at the end of the day, it's no Atlanta if we don't play each week the way we know we can. In the back of my head, I'm thinking a little bit bigger but I'm not talking about that. We're going to keep doing what we've got to do. All the offense needs to do is score and the defense is going to keep doing what we need to do. It's just going to be a fight each week."
Quarterback Jeff Driskel on being called soft last year:
"We're not soft. No one can call us soft now. If we didn't have people's respect, we gained it today."
Defensive end Dominique Easley on today's effort:
"Honestly, we wanted to come into this game and win, but more we wanted to come in and hurt them. We wanted them to feel the pain that we had last year. We had hurt in our hearts, so we wanted them to feel the pain that we had. … Third quarter, them boys were huffing and puffing. I was looking at people's eyes and they were scared. We want to take somebody's will. We like to take people's will, not just win the game. Take their will and make them remember this night."
Safety Matt Elam on the win:
"It's great. Beat a top-5 team. Beat LSU. Be the underdog and win, coming in this game nobody thought we would win. To be the underdog and get a win is a great feeling. It's another step to Atlanta and that's our goal. I feel like the sky is the limit from here."
Offensive guard Jon Halapio on 24 straight second-half runs:
"We were licking our chops. We love run blocking. We run a lot in practice. We do a lot of running plays. Just how we prepare for games like this."
Tailback Mike Gillislee on UF's swagger:
"Well we never lost our swag. A lot of people just keep on doubting us. I think the swag never left."
Safety Josh Evans on what win means:
"I think it's a big statement. A lot of people look down on us and don't think we're quite there yet, but hopefully this is a good spot and a good position we're in to open up a lot of eyes to show that we're on the rise. A complete 180.">NOW YOU CAN GET THREE MONTHS OF ACCESS TO ITG FOR JUST $9.95