GatorsTerritory - Brenton Cox impressing his Gators teammates
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Brenton Cox impressing his Gators teammates

GAINESVILLE, Fla.-- Brenton Cox has only been in Gainesville for a week, and he has already impressed his Gators teammates.

"He’s phenomenal; he’s good, he’s fast, he’s quick," said wide receiver Trevon Grimes.

"He has a really fast get off, said receiver Freddie Swain. "You can kinda tell he’s more seasoned than some guys.”

“Elusive guy, great off the ball," said running back Lamical Perine. "He’s just a guy we glad to have, and he came from Georgia, so I’m pretty sure they kind of salty about that. Hey, we’ll take him. He’s a great guy.”

Georgia would be salty from some of these reviews.

According to Grimes, Cox has brought with him "some moves" that had him floored.

"He actually has some move that I’ve never seen before," said Grimes. "Well two days ago in practice, he did a spin move, like reversal, crazy. I don’t even know what to call it cause I’m not on D-line, but it was some crazy spin move thing that he did like ‘whoa’ and all the receivers seen it cause they were doing like inside one-on-one pass pro. So it was pretty cool to see him. He’s just gonna help our O-line get better.”

"His get off is just—it’s the get off," added Swain. "Gets off the ball so fast and kinda shocks you. Really ain’t expecting it then he comes off spinning. He moves kinda like a receiver.”

Florida added Cox to its roster last week, and the Gators are seeking an immediate eligibility waiver, so that the Georgia transfer can play this season.

The former five-star defender played 13 games for the Bulldogs as a true freshman. As a backup, Cox was able to record 20 tackles, seven solo, and a career-high six tackles in the Sugar Bowl.

“At the end of the day business is business and we’re gonna embrace him, love him like a brother and that’s what he is to us now, he’s a brother," said Grimes. "At the end of the day he’s on our team now and we look forward to having him and we’re gonna embrace him just like anybody else.”

Dan Mullen told reporters that the Gators feel good about their chances of picking up a waiver.

"I think, we hope, we feel good about it, of having him be able to play," said the Gators head coach. "I think you look at all the previous scenarios that are out there around the country, we feel we have a good opportunity.”

The Gators will not only need the NCAA approval but also the SEC's approval. The Southeastern Conference does confer with the player's former head coach and it does have its own guidelines for intra-conference transfers. In the conference's rules it states that waivers are given out to grad transfers and for those players leaving an institution that is facing a post season ban - there are other NCAA exceptions though.

But with cases like Virginia Tech lineman Brock Hoffman still unsettled - a player that is seeking a medical hardship waiver to be closer to his ailing mother-one can assume Cox's case may take a while as well.

Even if it does, one thing is certain, Florida picked up a weapon for Todd Grantham's defense.

"He’s phenomenal and I feel like he’ll be a great add-on to our defense," said Grimes.

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